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  1. jtucker1974

    dual sport project

    Was originally told by the dmv i couldn't do it but, an email to the state(Kansas) and they told me what to do.
  2. jtucker1974

    dual sport project

    Working on making my 2008 250x street legal. Got everything squared away with the dmv as far as what I need to do. Some paperwork, highway patrol inspection and I can get tags. After the Baja designs kit and tires are installed that is. Just wanting to be able to hop between trails and hit a few gravel roads.
  3. jtucker1974

    Issue with Bark busters on throttle side

    I used a uni bit drill bit for mine. It's a cone shaped bit that steps up in size from 1/4-1 1/4. Works great for enlarging holes because it stays centered. Just drilled it out until it was the same size as the rest of the tube. Didn't lose any length.
  4. jtucker1974

    New to me 250x

    Well its got an fmf q4 exhaust and has been re-jetted. Do to my injury I cant really test it right now. What the most common mods or upgrades? Might just keep it stock unless there are some "must have" mods to do. Was cold when I started it when I was looking at it. Seemed like it cranked along time with the choke on before it fired. Is this normal or point to some carb tuning. Seemed to fire up quickly once it was warmed up. Thanks Jim
  5. jtucker1974

    New to me 250x

    Just got a 2008 250x. The guy I got it from bought it new as a leftover just last August. Traded my2007 450r for it. The 450r was just to much for what I needed. Looking forward to lurking over here now and see what I can learn.
  6. Well had a bad crash and broke 3 ribs. Gotta rethink my strategy. I think I'm going to stick to my xr and stay off the track. Got my 07 450 r sold but I'm putting the stock clutch. Only have 3 hours on the exp 2.0. Think I should sell on eBay or what ?Not sure of the resale value but its the same as new.
  7. I think you will be just fine on the 450. You will really like the powered delivery compared to the 2 stroke. I think my 450 I'd easier to ride than my sons 125. 450 makes tons of power but its controlable. I have an 07 and its been bulletproof so far. Run good oil and keep the airfilter clean, and the valves will last. Also keep the chain adjusted and in good order. I found out the hard way what the 450 torque will do to a worn chain Jim
  8. jtucker1974

    CRF experts

    Did you make sure to wrap it correctly.?
  9. jtucker1974

    Which Relcuse should I get?

    I ride the same as you and I just got the exp 2.0 and its rocks. Adjustment is a breeze and with clutch adjustment knob I can adjust to bump start and adjust back in about 30 seconds. Not as easy as bump starting stock but hey. Now trail riding my 450 is almost as easy as my 1996 xr250 except I got loads more power.
  10. jtucker1974

    Upgrade from 06 to 09 should I do it?

    "Upgrade" to fuel injection is pretty subjective. Isolated track conditions maybe but if I'm miles away from civilization I'd rather have the mechanical carb.... He said he rides mostly trails
  11. jtucker1974

    Wrenching on our Bikes in the Cold?

    I did pull the gas tank off and drain the carb to avoid the petrol fumes.
  12. jtucker1974

    Wrenching on our Bikes in the Cold?

    Just move it into the family room like I did. Put down a piece of 1/4 plywood and covered with a tarp. Sip coffee, wrench, watch it snow.....
  13. jtucker1974

    x-ring masterlink bein a pain in the a**

    Sometimes people don't realize there is a certain direction that the clip is supposed to go on. Maybe I'm just lucky I have never had one come off.
  14. jtucker1974

    x-ring masterlink bein a pain in the a**

    I have the clip style masterlink and it works just fine. I would agree that the rivet style is probably stronger but I have never had an issue with the clip style. The only two times I have had a chain failure it was not at the master link. I like the convenience of the clip style. Just my .02
  15. jtucker1974

    back to a motocross setup

    I have decided to put my bike back closer to stock. I ride 60/40 % trails/ track. My son is 10 and has an xr 100 and cr80. I have an 07 450r. I had added a 13 oz flywheel,51 rear spkt,skid plate,hand Fairfax etc and tried to find a happy medium but its always a compromise. Bought an xr250r to hit the trails. Going to go back to stock with the other stuff. Should I leave the flywheel or go back to stock. I'm 37 and Will never seriously compete but I want one that rips and one that's like a mountain goat. Happy holidays.