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  1. tim512

    YZ250 (2008 YZ250) FRONT BRAKE INQUIRY

    interesting perspective since the 2008 they swapped to the smaller and better front bake - at least I thought that was general consensus
  2. tim512

    Latest craiglist find

    "runs good" hahahahahahahahahaha
  3. tim512

    APT Smartcarb

    Can't remember the exact dimensions but fit is definitely an issue as the Smart Carb is bigger. Based on Lectron experiences, getting the thing on your bike will be a pain and it will also cause your airboot to be tweaked and rub on your shock spring. How much - well we will have to wait and see once the first cast units start arriving in people's hands. this issue and the carb's dimensions have been discussed if you search either on TT or KTM talk
  4. tim512

    Extra spring?

    Is it a clutch spring?
  5. I just bought a rattle can of black and painted it... Doesn't hold up too bad and it's incredibly easy to take off if I need to refresh it
  6. tim512

    rear shocker

    1. Got to FAQ 2. Download a manual 3. Answer your own question
  7. IMO unless you can honestly say you rarely ever ever ever go above say 50% throttle I would think the 38 is a better option. The 38 should still have a clean bottom but will allow you to ring it out more which is when the smile is really put on your face. More fun IMO if the terrain you're riding allows that
  8. On your 295 what porting did you get? If mid/top - go 38. If low/mid - go 36. The 38 shouldn't take away bottom but should give more on top. The 36 shouldn't take away from top but should give more top. Your decision.
  9. tim512

    2005 kx250f worth it?

    Buy a two stroke
  10. tim512

    APT Smartcarb

    wow so its now November.....
  11. tim512

    Help with some gas mixture math, please!

    For all the guys saying to get 32:1 in metric you simply multiply by 32... Technically that gives you 31:1 FYI
  12. tim512

    anyone ever seen a jack daniels bike?

    Putting Jack Daniels, beam, etc stickers on your bike will make you look like the ultimate goon,... including energy drink stickers why would anyone want that in their bike
  13. tim512

    Kid gets nailed by a dirt bike

    the guy that hit him didn't even stop...
  14. tim512

    yz125 coolant leak

    more detail needed
  15. tim512

    Not progressing lately

    Write it down then?