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  1. Never discussed the RR. Yes, dealer should know his product . AGM - 4 1/2 light weight pounds . Lithium is a heavy .9/10 pound. at least it runs good , unlike the ktms/huskys that don't when new. He is also proud of the 500 watt stator.
  2. New 500 has a agm battery. Prior to purchase, friend visited dealer 2 times to check on battery and weight rumors. Dealer assured him that it's got a lithium battery. Both employees even warned him about using the correct charger for the lithium battery. popped off seat after purchase and revealed a 4.5 pound agm ,WTF there's the weight question answered. Buyer Beware! He will be stopping by the BETA store to try a new seat out this week. Will update
  3. xr650street

    Best place to power heated grips

    I used power from the small park lightbulb in the headlight . it runs a gps and grip heaters
  4. xr650street

    Enough Swiss cheese on my Air Box??

    Didn't know it was a cover...gonna chop mine up . Thanks for the photo/ info. replacement is only $7.70 at rockymountain.
  5. xr650street

    Enough Swiss cheese on my Air Box??

    looks a little extreme on the subframe. check out this topic.
  6. xr650street

    17 501 top speed

    I was running slightly uphill hauling 275 pounds of rider/gear. Running a stock , opened up exhaust. Motor isn't close to rev limiter
  7. xr650street

    17 501 top speed

    got a top speed of 103 from my stock 14/45 geared 501 today . gonna try it again with the side plate removed . love to read about other top speed runs.
  8. A November MXA magazine test revealed that motoheads are installing the brembo piston and seal in the magura housing with no problems . $42 at rocky mountian
  9. Read this story before using mineral oil http://www.motomorgana.com/end-mineral-clutch-oil/
  10. New oem replacement lasted 5 minutes The oem fitting is too close to the starter I noticed the clu4000 fitting location is more serviceable and puts less strain on the hose fitting. It also straightens out the hose run which will give the hose a little more slack up top at the controls I installed the clu4000. Using DOT 4 Ordered it from Blue streak racing in Canada eBay, the ad for the orange one, They have lots of blue ones. Call them
  11. failed at 32 hrs. 1028 miles 1 month out of warranty dealer is handing me a new one tomorrow, goodwill I will get the Oberon piece before 64 hrs. or 2056 miles WTF!!!
  12. xr650street

    Changing tires without ruining the back rims?

    These work for me . I use 2 pair on one wheel with bungie balls hooked to the spokes to keep them in place. And way too much soap Motion Pro RimShield II Part# 1434920001
  13. xr650street

    2017 fe501 What Are These?

    During my walk thru, my dealer also warned me not to lose them because those bolts cost 70$ to replace.
  14. xr650street

    2017 fe501 What Are These?

    brake and clutch perch top clamp sections without mirror mounts are also in the bag