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    Playing motocross,vintage mx, cruising on my Honda Shadow,bowhunting big buck's,fishing.My two son's.

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  1. I shaw do hopes Bass Pro see's I'm wear'n they hat, cause I shaw do needs a big time sponsor. I kinda wish I wuz fish'n if you wants to know da truth.
  2. Been a few day's since I've checked this post, Very glad to know it all bolts on cause.....I just called Applied today and placed the order for the 15 250F clamps. Thank you !
  3. I had the steering stops welded on the 05 to fit the 09 250F, other than that, everything was bolt and go. I had to slide the forks up the clamps quite a bit but it did improve the handling. Thanks.
  4. Hi guy's, It's been awhile since I've made a post and I need some help. Is it possible to mount 2015 or up KX 250F fork's and triple clamps on to a 2005 KX 250 ? I would like to use Applied clamps but thought I would ask here before I call Applied, I'll also be ordering new wheel's if anyone can give me the go. My last 05 250 was stolen, along with two other bike's, but the 05 is the one that make's my heart beat. Thanks.
  5. You can also get the Clarke tank with the flush mount cap, which in my opinion make's the bike look more modern. You just have to request it and they'll hook you up.
  6. I'm no help with the pipe and silencer but the stock pipe is great as is, you may want to keep the stock for a back-up. I notice your bike has the 02-14 tank and shrouds, just thought I would let you know if you ever order graphics, very nice bike btw. Oh, regular maint. and you'll be good to go.
  7. Dont overlook a guality brake line, like Galfer, Core lines are good also.
  8. About dayum time you got your head on straight ! Just mess'n with you bud, I'm looking fwd to whatever you have up your sleeve.
    I was not too sure about the P3 Heat Shield's when they arrived at my door, after installation and a few hour's of riding time the product has proven to be a great purchase. Monk's review is spot on.
  9. Congrats on great parent's, you should keep them !! lol, I'm curious where the Lebanon location is if you don't mind ? I had three bike's stolen in TN. around the Lebanon area. Good looking CR btw.
  10. One more championship and he'll break the record, I personally hope he can. Great post.
  11. 100% agree, it's all about the details. Frame looks great btw. Carry on.
  12. Copy that, and what a helluva way to start Fathers Day ! Thanks BP.
  13. I hope to catch the bastards, very cool of you to let Team know, I miss you guy's and ml, yall are good people that know how to have a good time. Also helped me get through a situation to be a free man. Thanks MG.
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