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  1. brownE

    First '08 Huskys are out

    Are your ,08s fuel injected? I believe the one into Australia will still have a carby!
  2. brownE

    I'm in Love!!

    My love affair is 3 years old and still going strong! Been through great times together and she's never let me down because I've always looked after her. When we are together she just purrrrrs with delight, and really enjoys it when I'm a bit rough with her and let her know who's boss. brownE
  3. brownE

    My TE 250 Smokes !!!??? Normal?

    My 04 TE250 uses a bit of oil in the course of a days riding, does anyone else's use oil and if so how much? I'm running Motorex 4T semi synthetic. All reply's appreciated thanx brownE
  4. brownE

    Big Bore Kits

    Thanx Freak
  5. brownE

    Big Bore Kits

    Does anyone make Big Bore Kits for a TE250? If so would you please post info on who and where Just interested on the possibility Thanx brownE
  6. brownE

    Tachometer for a dirtbike.

    You need to get an electronic tacho, mount it on the bars where you can clearly see it; then when you are in the bush you will be able to tell exactly how many revs you where doing when you hit the tree you didn't see because you where too busy looking at the tacho.
  7. Remember what one of the greatest road racing champions (Barry Sheene) said - "To finish first; first you have to finish" and that's exactly what Reed is doing. This is a sport that embraces consistancy, every one has their day when nothing goes wrong or nothing goes right. Nobody can win every time they start but the one that consistantly puts in a good performance will come out the victor. I'm not too worried who wins in the end, they all ride better than me and I have huge admiration for their abilities and what they have achieved. brownE
  8. brownE

    TE250 (2004) fork oil

    what grade and how much have people been using as I plan on changeing mine this Christmas break Thanx guys brownE
  9. brownE

    TE250 or TE450?

    I'm same age and weigh around 78kg and about 5'8" and been riding (and racing in years gone by) for 36 years. Last ride was a Husky wr250 (great bike) - my current ride is Husky TE250 (04) and I love it. Rode the 450 and felt it was too heavy in slow 1st gear turns. Sometimes I want a little more power but overall it's the perfect size for me and I dont feel buggared at the end of the day due to weight and holding on (450 takes too much out of me ) We ride mainly tight tracks with open transport sections. So many riders are overbiked and would be much quicker and safer on something smaller but they just want the grunt of a big bore
  10. brownE

    You from Australia?

  11. Why? Remove radiator cap Remove the lowest radiator hose and drain all the coolant.may have to lean bike over Replace hose and fill up with recommended mix Replace cap
  12. brownE

    TE250 wont start on button

    Thanx guys, Checked the voltages and all OK at battery and at starter motor - 12 volts when you hit the button. Gave the starter motor a tap with a hammer handle a couple of times and it turns over a couple of times. Cant get it to repeat. Could be the starter??????? brownE
  13. Went to start my TE250 the other day and all I got was "click" Battery is fully charged and terminals tight! Can anyone suggest where the problem might be? Thanx
  14. brownE

    TE Kickstarters

    Does anyone know if the kickstarter for the 04TE450 is interchangable with the TE250 kicker? Thanx brownE
  15. brownE

    xr 100 - VALVE CLEARANCE

    Thanks sidekick, much appreciated brownE