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  1. Mike_in_Silicon_valley

    Front brakes feeling funny.........

    Deth, Shouldn't you be using DOT 5.1 brake fluid? Mike
  2. Mike_in_Silicon_valley

    Going Blue

    Dave what are you doing over here stirrin' up the pot? I was cryin' when I read about the 'comb over crowd and rednecks with mullets'. That's funny. We had a TTalk ride in Moab many moons ago. The best rider of the whole group (damn shure wasn't me) was 'Scarymyth' on a DRZ. Although now that I think about it, I was riding a WR at the time. Maybe it was holding me back....... They're all good scoots. Mike
  3. Mike_in_Silicon_valley

    Where did Cannondale go wrong?

    You have got to give the Montgomerys' credit for having big balls . They took a home run swing and unfortunately it didn't pan out. I wish them continued succes with their bicycle products. They lost me personally, (please do not take this as a flame, I truly wanted them to succeed), when I found out that you had to remove the engine to adjust the valves. That's all I'm going to say about that. I hope someone continues operating the motorsports division. We will all look back someday and talk about the days when we had to rejet our bikes. Cannondale had the balls to question everything . Mike
  4. Mike_in_Silicon_valley

    SheetIron 300

    I did this ride a couple of years ago. It's got single track, fire road & paved roads. I don't know if there are going to be sound checks, there wasn't on my ride. No special setup for the bike . I would bring a couple of dust masks though. Hopefully the ground will be moist for you. The year I went it was extremely dusty. I would also make reservations in a motel in Fort Bragg. That way you can cleanup, go out for dinner & relax. Mike
  5. Mike_in_Silicon_valley

    Body armour: Plastic or padded vest?

    Robin, I have one of these (Rally Tri-sport) and really like it (even on hot days). http://www.tekrider.com/atvdirt.htm Mike
  6. Mike_in_Silicon_valley

    KTM Converts?

    My stock KTM suspension was mushy. I have since had it resprung and revalved and it's magic now. The Yamaha's have a better stock suspension. Everything else on the KTM is superior (well maybe not the rear wheel spacers). As far as the valves go, adjusting them is a breeze, no shims like you know who. Take the plunge, you wont be sorry. Mike
  7. Mike_in_Silicon_valley

    HR has a new hauler!

    Good choice on the diesel HR. Mike
  8. Mike_in_Silicon_valley


    Doc, As a matter of fact it does have the magic button. About the only way to get a deal on one is to import one from Canada and use the exchange rate to your advantage. If you go this route you may be without a warranty though. I purchased mine locally for retail price. As far as performance goes, we haven't seen a WR450 yet. But using history as our guide the KTM should win hands down. My own personal experience is the KTM is much easier to ride. It made me a better rider (which isn't saying much). Either one will work fine. Mike
  9. Mike_in_Silicon_valley

    Sell Your WR's

    Mikey, Huge and I are going to ride at Clear Creek on the 11th. It's a fantastic place to ride and it also shaves about four hours of driving time as compared to Stony. You guys should come join us. Mike
  10. Mike_in_Silicon_valley

    Latest convert to Orange!

    Rocket, I had the same exact experience . One ride was all it took. Mike
  11. Mike_in_Silicon_valley

    Sell Your WR's

    Mikey, I'm not fat, I'm just short for my weight.. The 11th sounds doable. We need to get you guys down to Clear creek this winter. I would say thet overall it's even better than Stony (which is saying alot). My revalve was slightly over $400. I had previously purchased new springs from Mike Kruger. The springs helped but the revalve sealed the deal! I highly recommend it! Mike
  12. Mike_in_Silicon_valley

    Sell Your WR's

    Dodger, Thanks for clearing that up man. My response was directed at the '525 EXC was only slightly more powerful than my WR250F' comment. My starter motor has got more torque than that thing.... Seriously, If you like what you ride, well that's the point of it all isn't it. I had fun on my Yamaha and now I'm having fun on my KTM. Zip, I had Phil at Aftershocks do the work. A friend of mine (A rider) who has used both Lindeman's and Aftershocks rates Aftershocks much higher. I haven't used Lindeman's personally. And I have no affiliation with Aftershocks either. But my bike handles sooo much better now it's not even funny. Spend the money, you wont be sorry. Mike
  13. Mike_in_Silicon_valley

    Trailtech computer

    Dan, I think the proper thing to do here is buy a KTM so the computer will fit..... Mike
  14. Mike_in_Silicon_valley

    Sell Your WR's

    Tod, I'm around 200#. You may be alright with the stock springs. Any suspension shop can determine that. Definitely get a re-valve. It's a night and day difference. Mike
  15. Mike_in_Silicon_valley

    Sell Your WR's

    Ditto what JD said. I honestly can't remember one person going from an RFS back to a WR. If you guys think the WR has more power then you need to rejet the KTM. My WR had great power but it still doesn't come close to what my EXC has. Get you suspension resprung and revalved. I was never happy with the stock suspension. Now it's like riding a completely different bike. Mike