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  1. I would highly recommend you do Dave's Mods and remove the snorkel, you will enjoy the improved throttle response it gives you. I'd be surprised if you don't need to fatten your jetting with that pipe, even if you don't remove the snorkel. Re-jetting can be a pain, but your bike will run better and you will know that you aren't going to crater your piston from running it too lean. Every bike is a little different, lots of variables that cannot be controlled. You may not need to rejet at all, but most people do when you add a pipe.
  2. I have an XRs Only Slip-On and am running 52/160 at 4900ft elevation. My bike runs great from 4900ft up to around 10,000ft and will get ~50mpg if I it drive nicely. I believe that XR's Only supplied the main jet with my silencer too, not sure if they still do that or not.
  3. I think the smog pump could also be contributing to your decel popping.
  4. Have we determined the axle size is the same? If one doesn't need to fool around with a different axle, new bearings, et cetera, this is a very viable option. The only problem remaining would be the "purple saddle syndrome" described by Red. I didn't try to measure that, I'll do that next week when I next see my buddies KLR.
  5. OK, The KLR has a 6-1/16" space from inside face of sprocket to inside face of the disk. My XRL has a 5-7/8" space from inside face of the sprocket to the inside face of the disk. It looks to me like it would work, with the right spacers it will probably even line up the chain with the XRR sprocket better than the stock setup can. Plus, Captain Midnight is running one without issue, it sure looks like a viable option.
  6. My coworker rids a KLR650 and I park my XR650 next to it almost everyday. I'll try to get a few measurements for comparison next week.
  7. I went with the XR's Only pipe after looking around and comparing what info I could find. I'm running the stock header still. This pipe sounds great but is a bit loud when you get on the throttle. I ended up two main jets bigger with this pipe than with my stock exhaust. I like it. Akarob created a good thread documenting his install of an XR's Only pipe complete with before and after dyno runs. http://www.thumpertalk.com/index.php?/topic/674999-XRs-Only-Silencer-Install---Pics-and-Jetting-Info
  8. Check out Seat Concepts too. I have read only positive reviews of their seats, but I don't have one myself.
  9. Get an 8 cell Antigravity Battery and relocate it to the top of the airbox and ditch the battery box and mount. That is good for ~9lbs. Replace the back fender with a CRF unit and ditch the fender brace for ~ 1 lb or so. Miost of us have ended up adding things like real handguards and skid plates and such which actually add weight to the bike. My bike weighs 336 lbs with 2 gallons of fuel in it, I have not relocated my battery yet. It is pretty hard to take too much weight off of these bikes. If you really need a lighter bike you might be better off dual sporting an XR600 or XR650R or looking at a KTM.
  10. Scott, I had my whole front end apart so it wouldn't have mattered at all, but I bet you would have to unplug everything from the harness to be able to relocate it without taking the forks/triples off.
  11. I followed the 4strokes instructions for the rear crf450 fender too, Looks like I need to take a picture from the other side of my bike. I love my 49mm forks too.
  12. The light is in the way, but the wires still look just like the first picture I posted.
  13. The fender is just out of the frame on the bottom. I'll try to go get you a better picture.
  14. Use a CRF150 fender, they have the groove for the wiring harness. You can reroute the harness above the triple clamp too. This is a CRF150 fender with the wiring groove.
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