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  1. Dirtbikingpunk16

    new here. pics of my bike

    Haha, with my luck it will probally be Dr. D that charges
  2. Dirtbikingpunk16

    new here. pics of my bike

    Dr. D will send new emblem plates? I'm in need on some of those. As anyone been able to get some? Who did you ask? and most importantly, can I get them for free?
  3. Dirtbikingpunk16

    how do you store your dirtbike during the winter

    Hey Deej, how did you go about getting that klx dualsported? That is a 300 right?
  4. Dirtbikingpunk16

    2 masterlinks...?

    Its almost better, now if you just carry a chain buster and a small piece of chain with you on the trails, your all set
  5. Dirtbikingpunk16

    EBC Friction Plates - all the same

    Just keeping this thread on top....
  6. Dirtbikingpunk16

    New 2006 yz250f question

    Maybe the bike had too much coolant to start with and it was just leveling it out.
  7. Dirtbikingpunk16

    Yahoo.. I got it!

    I've thought about it, but come on, me, a little pumpkin? How about not. I'll stick with my Yz.... Anyways we are trying to get my bike dual-sported so I can ride with daddy pumpkin
  8. Dirtbikingpunk16

    2 red bikes join my 06 YZ250F

    I love Yamaha, but I have to admit Honda has some nice and solid little bikes all the way up to the xr 100 I've a traitor I know
  9. Dirtbikingpunk16

    Yahoo.. I got it!

    It weighs exactly 238 lb without fuel
  10. Dirtbikingpunk16

    Cr85 expert

    You'd think with the bikes you already own you'd know what a CD electronic advance is . I smell a noob....
  11. Dirtbikingpunk16

    Are YOU part of the two stroke faith?

  12. Dirtbikingpunk16

    Gave my bike a bit of a face lift:

    What are you looking at replacing it with?
  13. Dirtbikingpunk16

    Melt the side panel?

    Yeah, I've heard those e-series mufflers are known for melting plastic. I'm thinking it may just do this when all of the chambers are in, idk. I would just run your bike with all of them out unless you need them in. Haha, yeah I was looking at getting one before i decided to get my Dr.D
  14. Dirtbikingpunk16

    Dual sport a yz250f?

    It would be more for riding fire roads in the national forests and such. The bike would probally rarely see cement.
  15. Dirtbikingpunk16

    What chain for 250SXF?

    The chain doesn't need to be really loose or really tight, too much of either is not a good thing. Check with your owners manual for the right adjustment. There also isn't a certain chain for beginner riders. Since you are looking for a chain though, try to find a nice O-ring or x-ring chain. Less adjustment is a good thing.