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  1. Yo,, I just read that you might have a FMF factory Fatty and Shorty for sale for a '15 250SX? How much shipped to Cali?

    1. mxboy2661


      2six, its brandnew and the silencer is hydrodipped tex me for pics 848 210 2782 the silencer looks like carbon fiber, very trick looking.

  2. Tried searching around but not finding anything. I just was thinking it might be cool to get the new FE plastics on my '15 250SX. Any chance of that happening?
  3. 2SiX

    15 250sx any real issues?

    So far, so good, with mine. All I've changed are the bars/grips and added a skid plate and disc guards. Suspension is going to get sent out sometime soon. The bike works well now that I've adjusted from my 250F, but it beats the living crap out of me once the braking bumps come to the party.
  4. 2SiX

    Suspension shop near Sacramento, CA?

    Sooo... Sacramento doesn't have any suspension shops anymore???
  5. Haha! Seriously! I only tried to talk bikes with him a few times and after I realized how full of shit he was i just started smiling and nodding my head. All the while wishing he wasnt my boss so I could just throw my feces at him like a monkey to be on his level.
  6. And unfortunatly you dont know the old man but i can guarantee you hes a pro "i rode a trail once so now i anything and everything about moto" kinda douche. I used to take my bike to work and go to the track after i got off. And on those days all I'd hear is "why do ride a 250? Does that thing even have 1 horsepower?" I even showed him pics of me sending 80 ft. Booters and all he'd ramble on about is the time he went to the desert and hit 137395mph on some dirt road or something.
  7. 2SiX


    If you got a bunch of cash lay in around and wanna learn from a school how to wrench than do it. Do what makes you happy man. But seriously you could learn the same stuff if you just find a job sweeping floors for a bike shop and work up from there. If you've never worked on a bike it might look super techy. ... but motorcycles are one of the easiest things to work on. I currently wrench on heavy equipment (among other things) for my living and don't even understand how a school can be successful teaching ppl how to wrench on bikes. If you are capable of changing oil and air filters you can pretty much do anything on a bike (obviously you need the right tools once you start digging in to engines) But bikes are so simple it's ridiculous. And that's probably why they only make $12 a hour and have to work Saturdays. But $12 a hour doing something you enjoy is wayyyyyyy better than $20 doing something you hate.
  8. 2SiX

    Cr500 pops when kickstarting

    My old 84 cr500 did all sorts of crazy shit when starting it cold. Including tossing my ill 13 year old (at the time) ass over the bars. Once it warmed up it was all gravy. If it runs good enough for you I'd say just run her!
  9. Pry the caliper apart like the other guys said. If it doesn't move fairly easy pop the bleeder and it should move with a gentle pry. If it doesn't than be careful try to work the piston in and out. I've seen old hardened piston boots blow out and then you just have more problems on your hands. Same deal when you put new pads in.
  10. Because mixing gas isn't that hard. And if you mess that up you should probably rethink a few things...
  11. 2SiX

    Gearne Boot Fit

    Gaerne all day eeerryy day! I wear 12 in almost every shoe and 12 in sg10s and they fit perfect. Best boot I ever had. If I had the extra cash at the time I woulda got the 12s and as soon as I get some extra cash ill have them 12s. I also have wideish feet. Sidis, alpinestars, Fox, all are super tight unless I run up into 13+ sizes and then they're basically clown shoes. And I have a hard enough time shifting already.
  12. 2SiX

    Odd yz250f high rev babbling issue

    Have you tried just moving the needle a spot or 2. It could definitely be electrical (cracked or just bunk cdi that trips out when it gets a certain vibration to it. I've seen it happen more than once.) But I'd try just bumping the needle first since that's free.
  13. 2SiX

    Mini bike hill climbs

    Depends on the dirt. If it's sand they're gonna both suck. If it's tech rock stuff than you should be able to get either up em. I got my ex a crf150 and I ended up riding it wayyyy more than her just for fun. That lil bike was legit. It may have been heavy but it was a tractor and I got it to places I never thought a bike like that could go.
  14. 2SiX

    2 Stoke 250?

    It's all rider preference man. Ride whatever you have the most fun on. I rip my 250f in the woods once every few months and it's awesome. But I also ride track the other 99% of the time and to me the 250f is the bees knees on the track so I'm biased. But honestly the most fun I ever had in the woods was on an old '02 yz125. If you know what you're doing you can get any bike to take you where you wanna go and that thing just felt so light and flickable at slower speeds in the trees. Plus nothing beats the sound and smell of a 2 stroke.
  15. Yea KTMs are terrible... that's why there's so many of them winning races... I ride a Honda and have had a pretty good time with it considering it's a 250f and I ride her hard. But it's had its share of problems that a normal consumer wouldn't expect when dropping $7200 on a brand new bike. But unfortunately they are dirtbikes and if you ride them,they break. A few of my friends ride Orange and have had near identical luck with their bikes as I have. I love my '12 crf250r but will probably be going to ktm when it's time for a new whip. As long as your dealer doesn't suck balls and honors the recalls and keeps you spending more time riding than wrenching. Shit Honda still doesn't have an injector recall for all the poor dudes like me that had them fail after like 15 hours, and when I call the dealer they just give me the run around. My homies ktm had an injector issue and the dealer had his fixed up for free in a day. Meanwhile I'm dropping $100 on a new injector and putting it in myself and still looking for someone local that can fix mine so when it freaks out again I won't be sitting at home waiting on a backordered part that I have to get from someone online because Honda won't acknowledge that their fuel filter is bunk... yea maybe I'm still sore about that. But we're at 70 hours with no other problems so I guess I should quit crying like the girl that started this thread.