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  1. REEDracing94

    Anyone running oneal mx boots?

    Bought a pair of riders last year. Very comfortable boot, even new/not brown in, but with me riding woods and clipping alot of stumps and stuff with my feet I wast happy with the stiffness of the material on the top of the foot. I sold them to a buddy who rides quad and he loves them. Im going to try rdx's next season
  2. REEDracing94

    Plastic Surgery on your Thumper

    Best way I've found is cover them with graphics. They take the abuse better than the plastics themselves
  3. REEDracing94

    my first harescramble

    Because the inside of the bars is normally around .550, which is good for about m18x2.5 thread. That is way too big of a bolt for the end of a barkbusters that generally uses a m6x1 or 1/4-20 bolt
  4. REEDracing94

    my first harescramble

    Loose a taper lock for the barkbusters? I had the same issue at a race this year. If that's the case, buy some threaded rod. Tap the thread rod, thread your bars, turn the rod into them, bolt barkbusters to threaded rod. Works much better than taperlocks
  5. 06 ttr-125 96 blaster 04 yfz450 03 250sx 03 yz125 01 cr125 Few year break between 250sx and the 125s that i currently have.
  6. REEDracing94

    my first harescramble

    Awesome job! This is my first year racing scrambles on a bike (raced some on a quad about 7 years ago). Like the others said, the first lap is the worst. Pushing yourself trying to get in a decent pace gets tiring, and it always takes me the first lap to get over my arm pump. It completely drains your body but it's definitely addicting!
  7. REEDracing94

    Do higher powered bikes inhibit rider growth?

    I agree, it seems like most beginners (atleast around here) think they need the biggest fastest bike possible. I sold my 250sx and bought a 125, and I enjoy riding so much more. You have to work alot harder to go fast, but that is how you learn. My way of looking at it is if your fast on a small bike, you'll be really fast on a big bike.
  8. REEDracing94

    No Chest Protector for HareScrambles

    I havn't worn one in years. Sunday I slammed pretty hard and my chest met my bars, so I think it's time to find something under jersey to try out.
  9. REEDracing94

    what's your style in mud?

    Standing, holding on the best I can with my legs, keep my body pointed where I want to go. Biggest thing with mud is to pick a line and committing. Momentum helps. Most people that struggle try skipping from spot to spot with no plan in the mud and that dosnt work
  10. REEDracing94

    Who has the NICEST Honda 2-Stroke? post pics

    Definitely not the nicest, but it gets the job done for the most part. Pic is post race last sunday
  11. REEDracing94

    Type f atf for 03 kx 125?

    Run cheap atf in my current yz125 and cr125, as well as my previous 250sx. Never have had any issues
  12. REEDracing94

    What's your favorite brand of goggles?

    i use use smx corrosive i think they are. great goggles. my only complaint is the chromed lens scratched easy.
  13. REEDracing94

    Coolant Reviews

    ive always ran be cool in my quads and bikes. seems to work well, and i get a good deal on it.
  14. REEDracing94

    keeping a bike in great condition

    whats said above, but i also tear my bike down every winter and clean everything / check all bearings.
  15. REEDracing94

    michigan orv dirtbike clubs?

    i know this is old, but i am about 15mins from gladwin trails. its been a while but ive also rode st helens and rose city. i dont know these trails too well but i have a couple friends that do. another great place is ogemaw sport and trail, which i know pretty well.