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  1. Portuga

    Had an accident with a quad...

    Second time on the dirt bike and you're already bashing quadders?? Lmao!
  2. Wow!! Thats gnarly. Good thing you didn't pass out and were able to call for help. Heal up man!
  3. VP C12 and Motul at 32:1 on my ESR 330 honda 250r. (quad) Very little spooge, runs cool, and smells great!! Expensive though.
  4. This was my second race ever, im just starting out the whole racing thing, and so far im loving it.
  5. Portuga

    Mini O's

    Heard it got a little wet, lol!
  6. Portuga

    Carb vs EFI

    Ive had my ltr 450, which is EFI, for 4 years now, i ride the wheels off of it, and recently started racing it. the only issue ive had with it was a dirty fuel filter that made it run like crap. Other than that, just change oil, put gas, and ride!
  7. Portuga

    Rocky Mountain MC

    Been a customer there for a long time. great company. Just dropped about $300 there over the last couple weeks. got all my stuff very fast.
  8. Portuga

    Graphics for rm 250!

    Here's mine. Cant remember how much i paid, ut i think it was $60 ish from ebay. Still need to get a seat cover, but im too lazy to do it.
  9. I race my quad, which is a 4-stroke.
  10. Portuga

    bike sponsors.com

    Center Pin sounds legit.
  11. Portuga

    Should They drop the "F"

    F = failure
  12. Followed by a tuck and roll.
  13. I run mine past that, but i dont race it, just the occasional trail ride.