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  1. mabdcmb

    KLX140 Clutch

    Full size friction plate on the left. Half size plate on the right along with the "jutter spring" setup. I ditched the half plate and bought all full size OEM frictions and plates and Barnett springs. My son said it pulls much better!
  2. mabdcmb

    KLX140 Clutch

    I don't see why the OEM spring couldn't be shimmed. I ended up buying a set of Barnett springs.
  3. mabdcmb

    KLX140 Clutch

    I read elsewhere to use KX85/100 clutch springs. They dont work. Too short.
  4. mabdcmb

    KLX140 Clutch

    I bought (5) 13088-040 and (1) 13088-041. I wanted to see how they differ. They are the same OD, ID, thickess, and have the same number of "friction pads" bonded to the plate. Only difference i could see was color of friction material. I plan to install all (5) 040's. I will eliminate the half disc. This should provide some additional grip. The OEM clutch plates are steel. I bought all new. They were under $1.50 each. Clutch springs are for a a KX 80/100. Hoping they have some more tension. The OEM parts were less than $60. A bit more than the EBC kits. A good bit less than the Barnett kits. I figure if it survived 10 years its worth buying OEM again.
  5. mabdcmb

    Help, Handguard install, plugs in alum bars? Remove?

    Take the plug out of the handlebar
  6. mabdcmb

    KLX140 Clutch

    Thanks but that's not what im after. Im interested in going a bit further. It appears that the OEM clutch is built with a weak link. The outer disk is half size and there is a "judder spring" with spring seat. Typical MO is to remove the half disc, spring, and spring seat. Replace with a full size friction, replace the rest of the frictions, bead blast the steels, add HD springs. I was trying to figure out the differences in sll the oem frictions. I see 3 part numbers. Usually there are only 2.
  7. mabdcmb

    KLX140 Clutch

    Getting close to needing a clutch on my son's '09 140L. Has anyone compared the 3 different OEM friction plates? 13088-0040 are the 3 plates in the middle. 13088-0041 is the 1 plate in the back 13088-1077 is the one plate in the front. I believe the front plate has a larger ID (less friction material) and has a spring in there to cushion things so to speak. Im curious how 0040 and 0041 are different? Anyone know? My thought is to buy all full size frictions, (no 1077 needed) toss the "cushion" crap, and put in HD springs.
  8. mabdcmb

    New to me KLX 140L

    Just a little update. The bike performed perfectly over a 4 day weekend of riding. Started easy with the stock jetting and ran clean. The gearing change seems great for our riding. Mainly trails but able to get up in the mid 40mph range without issue. He busted the clutch lever on day 2. Someone un our group had a full ASV lever and perch assembly. I installed that and just left the clutch switch hanging. The ASV lever seems to put the engagement zone in a much more natural position so that turned out to be a plus.
  9. mabdcmb

    New to me KLX 140L

    I've been doing some reading and that is definitely the common formula on this, and other forums, and the Jetsrus website. My KLX had stock jets, BBR full exhaust and a twin air filter that was improperly installed when I tore into it. It started without choke when cold. After a carb clean, air box clean, new uni filter and new plug it seems to react more like I expected. The original plug looked rich. We'll see how it looks after we put a couple pulls on it after the changes.
  10. mabdcmb

    New to me KLX 140L

    Almost done for now. I greased the linkage, new chain, new sprockets, new rear tire, tube, and tightened up the rear spokes. Wish I could find aftermarket plastics. These ones are a little rough. I did some work on them to keep them bolted on but they don't look too good. Fired it up and noticed the bike acts different. Before, no choke required on startup. Now it is. I didn't change jets. I think its kind of odd... Need to fine tune the AF screw Its now running a 12T/52T combo. JT sprockets and chain. Seems like it will be a good combo for tight woods.
  11. mabdcmb

    New to me KLX 140L

    I figured its time to do some maintenace. Started with an oil and oil filter change. Installed a new Uni air filter. The PO seemed to not know how to properly install one. Cleaned up the airbox and the overflow. Changed the fork oil. Id bet that stuff was original. Looked like black syrup and stunk. Greased steering stem bearings. They were fairly dry. Checked front braked pads. Not sure if they were the originals but they were stockers in great shape. Changed front brake fluid. It looked like strong coffee. Checked front wheel bearings. They felt good. Pulled the front tire and lubed up the spokes and then tightened them all up. Finished it off by installing a new bridgestone battlecross x30 Checked out the carb. It was pretty clean. Jets are original equipment. The air cutoff diaphragm looked wrinkled up. I have a new one on order. Checked the valves. They were on the loose side of the spec so i let them be. I figure they will only get tighter in time. Changed the spark plug. Found out we have a BBR exhaust on the bike. I tightened up the mounting hardware on it and and sealed the pipe to muffler joint with ultra copper. Will be working my way back to the rear wheel soon. Im going to grease the swingarm linkage, change rear brake fluid, check the pads, wheel bearings, tighten spokes, and install a X30 tire. Hopefully that will cover things for awhile.
  12. mabdcmb

    New to me KLX 140L

    No, 13/51 is stock on the 140L. I pulled the trigger on new parts this AM. Looking to get the bike ready for its first weekend trip. We going out few a few days over memorial day. I got 13/52. I figure we'll see how it does during the trip. If we feel the need to lower the gearing some more I'll but the 12T off amazon. I see JT front sprockets are only about $9 with free shipping on there. I ordered up some maintenance items like tires, sprockets, chain, brake pads, fork oil, oil filter and air filter. I figure we will turn some wrenches together and get the thing all serviced and ready to go since its its new to me. This way we have a good baseline.
  13. mabdcmb

    Introverted Riders?

    My riding partners are mostly extended family. We do a couple of "guy trips" each year. A group of 5-7 of us will get together and go somewhere like HMT and rent a cabin for 5 days. We'll ride a lot, drink a lot, eat a lot and generally have a blast. We do a couple family trips each year. Family trips exceed 20 people and typically last 3-4 days. We're talking aunts, uncles, cousins, nieces, nephews, 1 grandma, some significant others, and a couple family friends. Most rides average 5 people and there are usually different rides going on at the same time and multiple rides throughout the day. Some folks are more interested in looking at wildlife, some folks want to hit all the mud trails, some want to do all the "extreme trails", and it seems there is always a youngster in the group just learning so there is a group just putting around with them. We typically do 1 ride where we get as many of us together as possible and do a planned destination on a relatively easy trail. It typically not the most exciting ride but something entertaining usually happens that makes it memorable. I've done plenty of riding by myself when I was younger. These days, I barely have time to ride at all. When I do, its usually planned way in advance and involves multiple others. Its a different experience but I must say that I really enjoy it.
  14. Hey all. Just picked up an '09 140L yesterday for my son. I did a couple laps in the yard. It seems like there is a bit of a gap in power from 1st to 2nd gear. For the type of riding we plan to do, I think the bike would benefit from a smaller front or larger rear sprocket. We typically do tight, technical trails. Not much wide open blasting. I see that JT has a few options. I was considering a 12T front. Has anyone fitted one on the 140L? I was curious if it caused excessive wear on chain slider on the swingarm or anything? Anyone have some advise on what gearing is working for them on tight woods riding? Is 12/52 too much?
  15. mabdcmb

    2015 RMZ Clutch

    Showroom new 2015 RMZ450 I'm not impressed with the clutch feel. I guess a lack of feel is what the problem is. Very narrow engagement zone. It is like a light switch. On or Off. Turning the adjuster just seems to move the engagement point closer or further from the grip. Doesn't really change the feel. I was thinking about changing the clutch springs. Any of you finding similar issues with the RM clutch? What have you been doing to fix it?