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  1. troy306

    Tip, To possibly save your Clutch Cover.

    I have since seen this happen again at our local Track. I've also fixed two others...
  2. My Son's friend has a 2004 KTM 65 that the kickstart does not fully return. Its sloppy loose in the upright position and when the bike is started it clicks. I removed the clutch cover and inspected the mechanism and everything looks to be okay. However I am use to Kawasaki's and Yamaha's which have a hole which the large spring goes in to keep tension on it. The KTM does not and has about a half inch of play in the spring. I guess my question is, do I preload the spring? and if so how much? It just seems that the gears all move until the clutch basket is put back on, and when on the spring is covered up. Glad im a Kawasaki person!
  3. troy306

    CRF150R comparisons

    My Son has both, a KX85 and a 2009 CRF150r that he got for Christmas. He loves the 150 torque, but is faster on the 85. He is also 11 but is very lean. At 70LBS soak and wet, he has a hard time getting it up after a fall, and its a alot harder to re-start than his 85. But he still loves to ride it, and prefers jumping it.
  4. A friends Daughter took a hard crash last month. During the damage assessment, we observed the clutch cover was cracked. During closer observation I observed that during the crash, the brake lever had made contact with the case and actually cut into it. If you look at the brake lever you will see an extremely sharp edge on the foot pad, take a grinder and smooth this area off, to prevent it from cutting your case and costing you about $185.00 in parts...
  5. troy306

    2002 Ktm 50sx pro sr. LC, questions

    32:1 non synthetic or 40:1 synthetic either will be fine, as for motor oil, they are all good, but we are currently useing B and L Trick Shift from Oreillys, Some use ATF with no problems. Search for oils and you will find a ton of information for the 50's.
  6. troy306

    KX85 governor bearings

    Thanks Guys! You Guys answered my question excactly.. I'll get it back together and pressed back within specs, and get a new one on order to have around. This is the second time this has happened. Bike ran fine with the exception of not wanting to shift. It just made me wonder cause the bike usually runs very cool. I new when he pulled back in the pits, It smelled hot, and felt hotter than normal. Thanks again..
  7. troy306

    KX85 governor bearings

    My son was battleing with another kid when in the last lap i noticed him struggling to shift, he gave me the signal that something was not right. I told him to just take it easy and not to try jumps, fearing he may miss a gear and take a digger. after the race I noticed the bike to be hotter than normal. All the fluids were full, and water pump working. I drained the oil and found a governor bearing in the oil pan. My question is, when the governor loses a bearing, would that cause the engin to run hotter than normal? He was wringin it out but no more than normal, and not really over revving it. I did use bel-ray in it this race other than what I normally use (amsoil). I have heard that Bel-Ray gear saver is like ATF, but have never had a problem in the 65s. I've also heard that ATF will not dissapate heat as well as a good oil.
  8. troy306

    Seat foam ?

    Electric knife is the only way to go, just make sure that you mark both sides of the seat so you can keep the blade straight. Take it slow and easy, then sand smooth..
  9. troy306

    locked up?

    Im Sure more experienced guys will chime in later. But, I would check the kickstarter machanism first, and make sure its working properly and not binding. If its okay, remove the cylinder and head and make sure you dont have a busted ring, or a circlip binding. If thats okay, check for free movement of rod on crank. Just dont try to force the motor to turn by getting crazy on the kickstart, or flywheel until you figure out whats in a bind. You might damage something more than it already is.. Good Luck
  10. troy306

    2004 RM65 Suddenly Stopped

    You said that it quit when he was going into a turn, then would not kick. I assume you mean it was siezed? Then after it cooled you tried to hand crank it and it felt like it had compression? I would say it probably blew a head gasket, got coolant in the cylinder and seized. Pull the top end and check for scoring, or a busted Piston Skirt. +1 on the creamy oil, be careful when power washing and use good quality oil. Cheap oil will get milky in those little two smokes. Good luck.... Be sure when you pull off the cylinder you check for up and down play on the crank rod. Side to side play is ok.
  11. troy306

    Advice for getting a 3 year old started in riding

    My 2 yr old started riding a balance bike out of the back of our toyhauler and down the ramp. He would wear a helmet and race pants, and crash on purpose and just laugh. He began begging for a bike of his own, and I told him he would have to learn to ride a bicycle first. Two days later he was, and I had to borrow a PW from My nephew to get him started. Thats all history now. He's Three now and is hoping to start racing with his brothers and sisters this spring. He is currently riding on the track on practice days and loves it.
  12. troy306

    Re-Jetting the YZ250F

    Got it back apart and noticed I had placed the side plate on the slide on upside down. I cleaned everything again and put it back together and it runs allot better now. Was still kinda hard to start though. Oh yea, and the pilot jet passage was clogged too. Thanks for that! Fuel screw is out about three full turns, So i guess I need to go up a size on the pilot, Right? its 42 now, 45?
  13. troy306

    Re-Jetting the YZ250F

    Thanks, I'm gonna tear into it again today. Hopefully its just the jet passage. How do you check the accelerator pump?
  14. I have searched the site but really not finding what I need. I have a 2004 YZ250F that I bought used. It has a Big Gun Exhaust system, But still has the stock jets, 182 main, 42 pilot, and 90 leak. I have struggled with clogged Jets and am going to order new. PROBLEM: I believe the bike is running lean according to the plug, and its not wanting to idle, start, and when it does, it Pops, Cracks and just totally sounds like crap. Once riding its a screamer. no popping, no hesitation, and no bogging.. What would you guys suggest for Jetting for this type of Exhaust?
  15. I grew up out in the country in a single parent home. My Mom actually taught me how to work on the lawnmowers, and I always had something to take apart. We were pretty poor, so I didn't have any video games to occupy my time, so I spent all my time in the garage tinkering around. This was of course long before computers, so I didn"t have access to websites. I always had some type of motorcycle around, Which was usually bought at a yard sale or auction, and didn't run at the time. We could not afford to take the bike to the shop so like most guys above, if I wanted to ride, i fixed it myself. I did read a few books at the library on bike motors. Nowadays, I have 5 kids and four of them ride. We have 8 bikes and two fourwheelers. So to say the least with the help of the internet and TT I have become very profficient at fixing them. Just like Seat time making you a better rider, Shop time makes you a better mechanic..