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  1. pwallnuts08

    KTM 450 VS. WR 450

    Thinking about selling my 07' WR 450 for an 06 KTM 450 exc.. anyone had these? I always liked the WR but I just think the KTM might handle better in some of the single track and rocky hillclimbs which is what i mostly ride. thoughts?
  2. pwallnuts08

    From 2007 WR 450 to ?

    That sounds like the perfect machine, i'll have to look around for one.
  3. pwallnuts08

    From 2007 WR 450 to ?

    Love yours? a KTM? 250 or 300, their great for woods? are they not too much stroke top end for loose hills?
  4. pwallnuts08

    From 2007 WR 450 to ?

    I actually had both fhe forks and shock rebuilt for leaky seals but i dont think they really looked into the valving or if the spring was the rite size. I should probably start there but i just cant help wondering if there's a much better bike. I never saw those flex bars , they look pretty cool maybe i'll try em, thanks man!
  5. I've had the 07 for about 1.5 years now, i ride a good variety of terrain not much big jumping though really. Alot of single track, rocky hillclimbs and rocky downhill sections too, Rolling hills etc. I just did my first hare scramble, which was great and wanna do more. .. I weigh about 188lbs 6ft I think i'm an average C Vet rider. I really like the power and low end hit of this bike and I think i handle the power pretty well but some area's make me more tired than i probably should be. I'm not sure if its the weight or suspension but some tight areas, rock gardens stumps etc just kill my arms. Any ideas of a better fit, husky/Ktm- 300, 400 ?? 2 strokes even? not sure, any help would be great!
  6. Anybody know how to change the speedometer cable on the grizzly? Mine stopped working, and I was going to try to change the cable out. Anybody had this problem and know about it? Thx!
  7. Looking forward to this year! anybody done the NJ enduros' port elizabeth etc?? or the PA ones, pine grove or that area? I've done Hancock, which was awesome, great terrain! And i've done Diry Dabbers in PA, that was too much road ridign and fireroads. Anybody know the ones with good trails and hills and fun stuff?
  8. pwallnuts08

    big up's to thumpertalkers!

    Really great bunch of guys on here for sure
  9. Just want to say thank u to all that have replied to my threads with advice in the last month or so. Im pretty mechanical but never would of thought i could do the job i just did on my bike. Wr450, compelete rebuild, new crankcase, top and bottom end, anytime i needed help i just posted up and got reply's quick! This site is the shit. Finished the bike just before 2012, never ran better, Happy New Year!
  10. pwallnuts08

    To Shim...or not to shim??

    2grimjim, i see that u asked if the bike had run within a day or 2.... I just did a bottom end in my wr 450 and i hadn't checked them before ripping it apart but just before finalizing the job i checked them and they seemed kinda tight. .20 -.25 is spec and mine seemed about .175. Should i run the bike a while and break it in for a more accurate reading u think? its been apart about a month now. running them tight is worse than loose or vice versa? thanks man!
  11. pwallnuts08

    valve clearance question

    i just also wanted to mention that i've had the motor apart for over a month now, by any chance do they measure up tight after the initial reinstall? Would they compress after the motor has run?
  12. pwallnuts08

    valve clearance question

    07 wr 450, im getting kind of tight readings. The intake calls for .10-.15 mm and two of the three seem spot on (.10) but one is tight, .10 will not fit and my gauge doesnt go lower. The exhaust spec is .20-.25 mm and i can only fit .175 in there. It was running GREAT but i had a trans problem to address so i had it all apart. Is that "far off" to be .025 tight? are you worse off to be tight than loose? help!
  13. pwallnuts08

    head bolt tourquing method?

    Ok, easy enough. So 14lbs, and then basically another 1/2 turn by doing 1/4 then another 1/4 in a star... correct?
  14. pwallnuts08

    head bolt tourquing method?

    It first says tighten to 22lbs then remove and regrease, then it says NOTE "retighten to the specified tourque in two or three steps in the proper sequence", then the next block reads Bolt Cylinder Head to 14lbs: put a mark on the corner of the bolt and also the cyliner head as shown.; NOTE "Tighten the bolts 90 degrees in each of the two steps to reach the specified angle of 180 degrees in the proper tightening sequence as shown." the picture just shows the bolts being rotated
  15. www.bikefinds.com Best one out there! it compiles all the new listing from all geo's of craigs' and ebay.