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  1. I called today and the message said Hangtown is open for practice from 1:30 to 5:30. Looks like good weather too. I'll be there - CRF450 #924 being towed behind a black Saturn Vue (I know it's a chick car, but it's a company car, I had no choice).
  2. Sactorider

    Purchase a CRF 450

    If it really has only about 6 hours on it - you have to buy it. That's a great deal - and an awesome bike for MX.
  3. Thanks for the advice. Am I crazy or is there no gasket for the exhaust? I took off the stock headpipe and didn't see a gasket. This concerns me.
  4. I put it on my '04 CRF450, and hope someone can answer a question or two for me, as I'm new to this. I took the bike for a spin around the block and the acceleration was . However, there was some slight popping on deceleration. I've had this problem with the stock pipe once, and I checked the valves first (they were in spec) then adjusted the pilot screw ccw and the popping disappeared. My concerns are: 1. Could it be an exhaust leak? The stock muffler has a clamp that clamps it onto the stock headpipe. The Ovate system doesn't come with a clamp, and when I tried the stock clamp it was too big and couldn't be used. Is it okay to have the headpipe seated snugly into the muffler without a clamp? This seems to be what CHM is telling me to do. 2. The headpipe bolts that connect to the engine are a [@#$%&*!] to get to (at least one of them is). I'm pretty sure I tightened them evenly, however, unable to get my torque wrench in there I wasn't sure exactly how tight each bolt was. Could this be causing a leak? 3. After riding around the block for a few minutes I noticed the muffler had a bit of smoke lightly coming out of it. Not a lot, just a thin bit of smoke. Is this due to a new exhaust that may have something to burn off? Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  5. Sactorider

    Engine Popping on Decelleration...WHY!!?????

    fuel screw is called pilot screw in the manual. You need a small flat screwdriver to adjust it, be careful - the cam chain tensioner gets hot.
  6. Sactorider

    OT: But you need to see this...

  7. Sactorider

    Engine Popping on Decelleration...WHY!!?????

    I just had the same problem and was freaked out that my intake valves were shot, or that I had a cracked header or something. My bike popped on deceleration whether it was warm or cold. Turns out the fuel screw needed to be turned out about 1/2 turn ccw. I tried a 1/4 turn, it helped, but didn't solve the popping - then turned it another 1/4 turn and it runs perfectly. Also, depending on how many hours are on your bike, you might as well check the valve clearances, as it doesn't take long and is a good precaution.
  8. Sactorider

    Buffalo Range Riding Pics!!!!!!!

    You're getting some big air, looks great. How do you like the '05 KX250F? I've heard mixed reviews of the '04 KX/RM250F b/c of reliability issues. I'd like to trade in my DRZ400 on a new KX250F but I'm worried about the valves problems/overheating/etc. Have you had any issues?
  9. Sactorider

    KTM or CRF

    I think you'll be amazed at how much you'll like either the KTM or the CRF. I went from two-strokes ('01 CR500, '01 KX250) to an '04 CRF450. The bike makes me a better rider. I have a lot more confidence in jumping, cornering, whoops, everything. The power is awesome but it never feels like your out of control. The power feels like it is everywhere in the rpm range. As for maintaining the CRF, I've not had any valve issues, however I've only got about 30 hours of MX riding on it. They are very easy to start, and really only require you to stay on top of your oil and oil filter changes, and keeping the air filter clean. Do those frequently and you should be in good shape. Also, checking the valves is not a big deal, it's not a very complex task - and the procedure is explained in detail in the owners manual. I'm partial to red, however, the KTM would probably be a great choice as well. I've heard the 525sx is sick, unbelievable power that is easier to ride than the 450s (read it in a magazine this week).
  10. Sactorider

    Pics of my 05 CRF450

    Very sweet bike, but put down the drill.
  11. I've been watching the weather for the upcoming weekend with the eager anticipation I had at Christmas when I was a kid. Please let it rain! A 30% chance is the first chance we've had at rain in months. I ride a lot at Hangtown/Prairie City and have been breathing that dust every ride. Even after you shower at the end of the day, you still pick dirt boogers out of your nose at night because of the dust - which is not cool. Bring on the rain! I used to live in Seattle and would beg for sunshine and dry weather most of the year, if we could only trade weather with them once in a while.
  12. Sactorider

    Cheap offroad pants , Where to buy ?!

    Ebay! They have everything. I got a brand new pair of Thor's in the color I wanted for $35. It's a great site for all off-road gear. Just check in frequently to see what's been added.
  13. I was just reading the post about Advil, Motrin, Tylenol, etc., and it seems some MD's (as well as non MD's) say that you shouldn't take "too much" of any of these for "too long" b/c they can cause liver, kidney, stomach problems. Now I'm worried. I take 3 advils (600 mg total) every time I have a headache, or after a ride, or for a hangover, etc. It seems I pop 3 of these at least 3 times a week, and have for a couple of years. How much is too much?
  14. Sactorider

    marysville MX

    I forgot, I don't know the web address, but if you type in Marysville MX in google, it'll take you right to it. There you'll find hours of operation.
  15. Sactorider

    marysville MX

    The beginner track is fine if you are just learning how to ride a motorcycle. If you're a decent rider and want to learn MX, the beginner track at Marysville is pretty lame. No real challenges. The main track at Marysville is actually pretty good for a beginning MX'er. The jumps are mostly tabletops, and I can't think of any jumps there where you have to clear a big gap. Very crowded at night. I've found the best time to go is the last two to three hours on Sunday. Most of the fast guys get there early and leave by 12 or 1.