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  1. fenderlove01

    why do you guys hate quads so much!?

    looks fun and I like the music.
  2. fenderlove01

    why do you guys hate quads so much!?

    Maybe you could point out where I am lacking common sense. I may side with you if you could do that for me. I try to be unbiased and hear other peoples sides. I don't mind riding rough and hard but I prefer to avoid head to head contact with dirt bikes or ATV's. Maybe some people like to do things like that for the adrenaline rush I am not really sure. And the fact that I wasn't injured in anyway either time it has happened I would have to say my body is pretty tough . Because like you said ATV's out weigh dirt bikes and my human body by quite a bit. And if I had to say anyone lacked common sense it was them. We aren't at war I just want to have fun when I ride, not die or break anything because then I couldn't ride.
  3. fenderlove01

    why do you guys hate quads so much!?

    So you are suggested to just run my bike into a cliff wall and bounce off getting run over by the quad anyways? hmmmm... ok. And I slam on my brakes and they often do not, so are you ok with just gassing it and running over someone? You must really hate people that ride dirt bikes.
  4. fenderlove01

    why do you guys hate quads so much!?

    You can't always move, have you ever rode in Texas? Trails often run through "little valleys" as I like to call them and you have two walls on either side of you so where am I supposed to go? Also you may be next to a wall on one side, a drop off on the other. Or you both come flying around the corner and before either one of us can react we just smash into each other. And the times that I have been run over were when I was going through a little valley.
  5. fenderlove01

    why do you guys hate quads so much!?

    I actually like Texas. There are tons of places to ride so there is a lot of variety. I don't really care if one place has arrows because not all of them do. It just happens to be that the closest place does and it is also one of my favorite places because it is rocky, sandy, lots of hills, tight trails, so there is plenty to do and it isn't repetitive. When I lived in Mississippi that was miserable because it was a swamp and all the places they had usually only even allowed ATV's. I found one over an hour away but that was literally it in the entire state. And I did a lot of research, asked here, other places, asked other people that road in Mississippi. All of them told me about the one place I already was aware of.
  6. fenderlove01

    why do you guys hate quads so much!?

    Sorry I didn't understand the last sentence or what you were trying to say.
  7. fenderlove01

    why do you guys hate quads so much!?

    Not to mention where I go they actually enforce the rules and the owner hires some kid that does nothing but chases people around in a golf cart and kicks them out. And if they run there are things called tow trucks and their vehicle can be seized. So lets see how far you get down the road on your bike that isn't street legal without being pulled over.
  8. fenderlove01

    why do you guys hate quads so much!?

    It's privately owned land. I live in Texas where just about 99% of the land is privately owned so the owner can do whatever the hell he wants to do. Plus the trails are barely wide enough for quads so how am I supposed to get by them when they are coming my way and take up the entire trail. I have only been to one place that is considered public land in Texas. The rest are mostly large farms or ranches basically where some rich guy decided to make some money by letting people ride on their land.
  9. fenderlove01

    why do you guys hate quads so much!?

    There are arrows pointing you in the right direction. And if you are going the wrong way there are fairly large signs that say "wrong way". And they have a list of rules including telling you to go the right direction when you are riding through the trails or track. I think it is pretty obvious and yes I think with all this evidence I have at my disposal I know the "right" direction.
  10. fenderlove01

    why do you guys hate quads so much!?

    I have had two in the past year run me over because they were going the wrong way. And where I go they are ALWAYS going the wrong way, very rarely do we go around the loop without some ATV coming our way.
  11. I may give it a shot then thanks. Before I started running I could do maybe like two full hare scramble laps. I never actually have been in a race but after one is done they never take down the tape and arrows for a while so you can just follow the loop.
  12. I know I am fast enough to race in a C class but I don't know if I am in good enough shape to finish a race. I have been running for a little while now, in the beginning I could only run half a mile (pathetic). But now I run 2.5 miles a day which isn't bad. My goal is to run 5 or 6 miles a day and I do push-ups every other day to help build strength in my arms. So when how many miles a day should I be able to run before I race? Endurance is always my biggest problem. But since I have started running I haven't gotten the chance to ride and see the difference in myself.
  13. fenderlove01

    Fun BC Trails!

    hmmm... I am a professional animator and visual artist (I do mostly animations though) and I was wondering how you did the effect where the camera follows you? I feel like I should know this.
  14. fenderlove01

    Lets see every bodies woods bike of choice

    I don't have a picture but my kdx 200.