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  1. Good luck! I've got 3 guys from my riding group going! I'm going to try and be there to film!
  2. I just simply wanted to know if the steering stops are an issue for anyone else other than Kyle. I should have know better than to bring up DBC and expect the thread to stay on track. I have a series of vids on my 2019 200 (which I adore BTW) and just want to point out if it is really an issue (or not) on the 2020's in my upcoming update.
  3. Exactly! I'm not really trying bag on DBC, enough people here have that covered. I'm just trying to see what everyone else who owns or has ridden a 2020 200 thinks about it? I'm someone who likes to be able to turn tightly in certain situations and the 19 200rr is just fine for me. I was just interested to know how much 2020 changed in this regard.
  4. My 19 200 does not turn as far as my previous KTM's or even older Beta's, but it doesn't bother me at all. Again, Kyle is only complaining about 1 situation (downhill tight switchbacks). I'm sure if he just learned a better technique for that situation it would solve the problem for him. But I'm not solely concerned about DBC as I have heard others mention this issue (mostly in his comment section), I'm wondering if there is a real difference between the 2019 to 2020 Beta 200rr or even 250/300 in this area? I love my Beta 200, but it is possible Beta screwed up in this area on the 2020's
  5. That's what I'm trying to determine, as that was my first thought as well! Then I've seen others have similar comments about the 2020 200rr. So I thought I would reach out to the community see if anyone else feels the same. my 2019 doesn't seem to be a problem. I seem to remember someone actually intentionally denting their brand new radiator to make clearance for the fork?
  6. to be fair, he does say it's only an issue for him on tight downhill switchbacks...which I don't have here in NJ. my buddy does have a 20 300rr and says he can't turn as tight as his 2018 because of the radiator location. perhaps the 125/200 frame is even worse?
  7. Can anyone with a 2020 200rr comment on the steering, or supposed lack of? My 2019 200rr turns pretty tight with the stops turned in. Is the turning on the new 2020 200rr as limited as Kyle over at Dirt Bike Channel makes it out to be? Also what about the 250/300 compared to the 125/200?
  8. Most of the problems I see seem to be on the SRS and most the version 2's in those cases. I think that's why they changed the SRS design on the version 3's. I believe the ones Tim Coleman was wearing were version 2's? I've had many TA style crossfires over the years, both version 1, 2, and 3 and they have all held up well. I had one pair lose some stitching from the plastic in one spot and I'm a toe dragger so the metal toe caps always come off and I start separating the sole in the front. I just use some shoe goo to keep them from getting worse. I have no experiece with the SRS in either version 2 or 3 as they seem to be a MX sole vs Enduro. I like the feel of the TA soles on the pegs and brake pedal. I also have a wider left foot from an old injury so the SRS are too narrow for me. I've also had SG10's many years ago and would consider trying the SG12's but much of the feedback is that they are a much stiffer boot (at least initially) than the CF TA's so I'm not sure. Anyone make the switch from crossfires to SG12's? I get a good deal on the Sidi's and would have to spend about another $100 to get the SG12's.
  9. I guess I need to the NECJ next. I'm just so happy with the jetting stock I can't bring myself to mess with it. But I am interested in the RK Tek head insert and what it does for the 200?
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