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  1. WoodsRacerDotCom

    2019 Beta 200RR: Less is More!!!

    You could always sell the brand new OEM suspension for a decent buck to recoup your investment.
  2. WoodsRacerDotCom

    2019 Beta 200RR: Less is More!!!

    I think it's a home run for you. You know what to do with the forks and shock for your liking already. Your KYB"s should slide right in. He already bad the bullet proof rad guards on and what looked to be an EE skid plate.
  3. WoodsRacerDotCom

    2019 Beta 200RR: Less is More!!!

    I didn't notice anything in that regard, but I was never unhappy with the stance of my 300rr either.
  4. WoodsRacerDotCom

    2019 Beta 200RR: Less is More!!!

    I got a chance to briefly ride a 200rr yesterday on slick frozen ground here in NJ. I have to say I was impressed! It lugged down low very nicely. Compared to my TX300 with RK Tek head there was no comparison in the torque dept. However 200 had stock gearing and I think for our goat trails a 13 or 14 CS sprocket would make this bike a real weapon! It's very small feeling in comparison to the TX and felt extremely nimble....very flickable! I could see why you say smiles for miles!
  5. WoodsRacerDotCom

    2019 Sachs poor quality already

    Seems the Italians have had problems getting reliable anodizing for some time and not just Sachs. my 2014 Marzocchi's went to crap quickly...but boy were they good when they worked! Personally I'm used to changing forks on most of my past bikes (and I've had many) and already have KYB's that drop right into Beta or KTM/Husky. They were an investment but I have them for whatever bike I want. I understand that changing suspension isn't for everyone but in reality the forks are easy! If the 200 platform is what you are after don't let crappy forks stand in your way! I've been dealing with crappy forks on KTM's and my last two Betas for many years, so it's part of the game for me. Although, I love the air forks on my 2017 TX300! So much so, I wasn't even tempted to put the KYB's on. After seeing some video showing what seems to be decent bottom end even with 15/49 gearing I'm considering the 200rr real hard right now. All of that being said, Beta aren't doing themselves any favors by staying with Sachs! It would be nice if they came with something more reliable...but it's not a deal breaker in my eyes.
  6. WoodsRacerDotCom

    What to buy: Beta 200rr or ????

    Get it Glen! I want to try it! I'm really loving my TX300, maybe even more than my previous Beta's in some respects, but would love a small framed 200 for the kind of riding we do. If the 200rr has torque like the older KTM's it's going to be a winner! even if it still comes with Sachs. At least forks can be easily changed....much harder to change the chassis!
  7. WoodsRacerDotCom

    JD Jetting 38mm PWK Shorty

    well, my fuel mileage is way down with the 42/178, but low end torque is off the charts! I might try and drop the pilot to a 40 and see if that helps any. Last ride I got 31 miles before reserve.
  8. WoodsRacerDotCom

    Clutch still drags bad. Need help

    The baskets are usually pretty durable, if you don't feel grooving then that's not the problem. I would question what brand clutch plates he used. I've heard bad things about Tusk and would only use OEM myself. @ 100hrs my 17 TX300 plates are well within spec still, but my inner clutch hub rubber cushions had a lot of play in them. measure the plates and check for discoloration/warping in the steels. If he burned up a clutch pack that quickly he might have warped some steel plates and only replaced the frictions?
  9. WoodsRacerDotCom

    JD Jetting 38mm PWK Shorty

    All I can say is WOW! Now I understand all the claims of 1 to 2 gears higher with the RK Tek head! At first I was a little disappointed but listened to Kelsey about going very rich with the jetting and I am a happy camper now! It does have a bit of a rich gurgle right off the bottom, but it pulls so nice and smoothly I don't think I'm going to mess with it unless I have to. Not only does it lug better but it is smooth tractable power approaching four stroke levels!
  10. WoodsRacerDotCom

    JD Jetting 38mm PWK Shorty

    2017 TX300 1000' ASL with 36mm Keihin and just installed RK Tek head. Prior to the head I had been running jd red #3, 40p 168m with good results. Kelsey recommended going much richer. Today I will be trying 42p 178m with his recommended N8RG needle. This is the same needle that came in the 2015 300 which also had the 36mm Keihin. I will report back later.
  11. WoodsRacerDotCom

    Jetting for an RK Tek head

    Yeah, how about a follow up?
  12. WoodsRacerDotCom

    Clake Clutch

    I've owned the Clake OLC for about 4 years now and have really loved it, I've had it on 3 different bikes so far and it buttery smooth on my 2017 TX300 it really makes the clutch pull much easier. Last year I removed my Rekluse in search of better modulation for technical riding. Lately I've found that the OLC feels more like an on/off switch for the clutch as the slip range is so narrow it's hard to be precise with it? Has anyone else running a OLC noticed this? I'm wondering if I would be better off going back to my Magura MC with a Midwest Mountain Engineering lever?
  13. WoodsRacerDotCom

    12vdc power on tx300

    TX300 headlight is AC no?
  14. WoodsRacerDotCom

    12vdc power on tx300

    I know it's a little off topic, but since it's been suggested that the fan wire could power the turbo, would it be enough to power a 16w LED light pod?
  15. WoodsRacerDotCom

    AER clunking noise?

    PM sent