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  1. argclh6670

    Kick start issue/question

    Long and short of it.....tbe spring has lost some of its tension which is causing the issue...what i did, pulled kick start apart...and i stretched the spring that aides ratcheting of mechanism by hand....now it seems to be a lot better. Ordering new spring and extra washer as suggested above.
  2. argclh6670

    Kick start issue/question

    I thought about an extra washer also....the washer doesn't interfere with anything?
  3. argclh6670

    Kick start issue/question

    Thanks for quick replies....i pulled it apart and there is some wear on #4....other parts look fine to me. FPMXer, that's exactly what I figured on doing with the spring....as I'm wanting to ride sat!! Lol...will report back. Thanks again.
  4. argclh6670

    Kick start issue/question

    Hey there people, my 95 RMX250 has developed an issue....it is getting difficult to get a full range kick when starting it. Sometimes it takes 20 tries get kick start lever to engage at top of kick stroke. Which makes it impossible to start until it finally engages at top. Anybody else have issues similar? What did u do to correct it? Thanks in advance.....Tony
  5. argclh6670

    PWK emulsion tube replacement kit

    Interested, following!
  6. argclh6670

    1991Rmx stator

    I had a bad coil on my 95....just bought one of these....works great. https://www.regulatorrectifier.com/catalog/1989-1998-suzuki-rmx-250-rmx250-stator
  7. argclh6670

    Freaked out expensive mistake

    What year is ur kx? Dont qoute me....from what i have learned 1851 is 98-99 cylinder 1793 is 95-96.
  8. argclh6670

    Rmx250 1995 spark plug

    I use the br8es....in my 95
  9. argclh6670

    Rmx 250 1995 clutch basket

  10. argclh6670

    1998 RMX - Auto-Mix Oil - Reed Valve

    Jeremy, who'd you send ur cyl head to for the work??
  11. argclh6670

    95 rmx250 kickstarter full range issue

    That I have not done....but 2 months ago I had everything apart and inspected everything....all looked good.
  12. argclh6670

    95 rmx250 kickstarter full range issue

    I can get it to tdc...however, the issue I'm having is the kick start mechanism/lever doesn't usually catch/engage at the very top which doesnt allow me to get a full kick....it sometimes takes a good few mins to get lever to catch at top a give full kick which it fires easily.
  13. Hey guys, im have this issue with my 95 rmx250 which is, i cannot get a full range kick on it 90% of the time...which makes it hard to start! I usually only get like 2/3 of a kick....when I do get the full kick it fires right up. The gears look great no rounding and spring seems to have plenty of tension....any suggestions on a remedy? Thanks in advance
  14. argclh6670

    Cylinder head

    I'm in same opion as those above...not too bad, I'd definitely sand it down n run it.