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  1. I live in central Minnesota and ride twice a week at an indoor track roughly an hour away from my house. The problem im having is getting my bike started when i get there. Usually i have to charge it 3 times. Ones it finally starts it starts good the rest of the day. Im curious if anyone else is dealing with this. My bike is a 19 sxf 450 with a td vortex ecu and t4e fuel
  2. crashaholic

    19 sxf 450 exhaust

    Sounds like ackro is the way to go from what i heard from TD definitely gonna go skth the ti system because it will cut 7 seconds off my lap times
  3. crashaholic

    19 sxf 450 exhaust

    Looking at exhaust systems to replace the almost 125 looking exhaust on my bike. What’s everyone’s preference. Looking at either fmf or akrapovic but not sure wich route to go. I should add that i am putting in a twisted development vortex ecu in it aswell
  4. Looking to find out the best place to get springs and eventually get my whole suspension revalved. Im currently at 290lbs without gear. Finding any information on setting up the suspension is impossible. My bike is a 19 sxf450
  5. crashaholic

    19 sxf 450

    Who does the best job at the remap?
  6. crashaholic

    19 sxf 450

    Im picking up a 19 sxf450 wensday and wondering what everyone is doing to them. I seen guy remapping cdis and stuff wondering what else i should expect. Thanks in advance
  7. crashaholic

    Best valves

    I have a 05 crf 450 that needs valves. My question is whats best? I see a kibblewhitekit for 350$ that seemes like a good price but i also see guys complain about ss valves. I also dont wanna drop 200 a pop on pro circit valves. What are my options?
  8. crashaholic

    More crf probs

    Took the mid section of the carb apart and deep cleaned that. The accelerator pump nozzle was clogged too. And replaced the oring on the fuel needle. Now she purrs like a kitten. Thanks guys
  9. crashaholic

    Compression ratio question

    I just orderd a new piston/cylinder kit for my 04 crf250r and noticed its a 78mm/13.2:1 are there any problems with running this or will it work just fine? Its a stock bore
  10. crashaholic

    More crf probs

    I have an 05 crf 450r that i can get running for the life of me. It will start and run/fast idle on choke but as soon as the choke is off it will only idle of a bit then shut off. If i do give it gas it will backfire like mad. Ive cleaned the carb replaced jets and gastket. The slide is on the correct way. Just re shimmed my valves and replaced my plug. Im out of ideas
  11. I just got a crf450 the guy i bought it from thought it was an 08 how ever it doesnt have a steering damper. The vin claims its 05 but my 05 had a different kickstart. Help!
  12. crashaholic

    06 kx450 carb issues?

    It was the slide plates
  13. I have a 2011 kx250f that i cant start. I have had other 4 strokes before but never efi... Should i twist the throttle should i be on choke. Please help the bike will be cold to. The reason why im asking is cuse i think i may have valve problems.
  14. crashaholic

    Opinions on which graphics...

    Why thank you lol
  15. crashaholic

    2011 kx250f wont run

    No the rings checked out fine and were in spec, but the compression never changed so i have no clue