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  1. jbrooks26

    In search of 2002 Sportsman 700 crankshaft assembly.

    For future reference, I have discovered a place that rebuilds these crankshafts. They offer an exchange as well, so no wait. I plan to go with them as they are the only place I've found that even wants to touch it, I'll post back after I have this thing back together. www.labaronspowersports.com
  2. I have a 700 sportsman with a nasty knock. I think it is the right side Rod bearing. I m in the process of pulling the motor now to verify, but i am fairly certain it is the rod bearing. Anyone know where i may find a serviceable crank shaft assembly? Thanks in advance. Josh It is what you learn after you know everything that counts...
  3. Hello All, I'm in the market for a cabin that houses 12-16 adults in the Taylor Park area. We have a large group, with about 5-7 of us riding motorcycles. The rest will just be hanging out and seeing sights. Hoping to find something that would come out to around $20 per person a day, knowing that will be hard to find. But I figures you fine folks might be able to help me find the best deal near the trail system. We would be willing to use multiple cabins if we need to. Thanks in advance, Josh
  4. You will also want to make sure you aren't chasing a ghost here with the compression. Many of the 400's and 426's have had updated cams installed to achieve an automatic decompression. The only way to tell if you don't know is to pull the valve cover and look at the exhaust cam. If it's auto decompression, you will see a small lever looking piece in the center of the gear side and a pin over one of the exhaust valves. I have an 02 WR426 and mine can be hard to start when even slightly cool outside, I have to turn the idle up about 1.5 turns sometimes if its real cold, and then adjust it back down when it comes up to temperature. Also, don't overlook the starter jet, if it's clogged, your choke isn't doing you any good. The starter can only be accessed with the bowl removed from the carb. Hopefully this helps. Josh
  5. jbrooks26

    Rampart Range Info

    Thanks for the info guys, we typically do camp but were considering lodging since it's so far from home. we are coming from Clovis NM, Dallas TX, Tulsa OK, and even Milwaukee WI. It gets quite costly to haul all of our gear that distance, but we've done it before and will certainly consider it again. Any other input will be greatly appreciated. Any recommended campsites? closer to Denver the better, as we have wives and kids that don't ride an will be looking for other activities to occupy their time. Josh
  6. jbrooks26

    Colorado Rampart Range Info

    We are looking for lodging options near Rampart Range in Colorado that can accomodate a group of up to 30 people. We plan to be there around the 3rd week in June, and we typically stay 5-7 days. Anyone have any suggestions? Josh
  7. jbrooks26

    Cloudcroft - Lincoln National Forest Trails

    Great report and thread mototex. Someone mentioned some GPS Routes in there, any chance you could get me a copy of those?
  8. jbrooks26

    Cloudcroft - Lincoln National Forest Trails

    Definately more information that I was expecting, great assistance here. Thanks, we'll print this out and take it with us. All campers are fully self contained, so hookups are not neccessary. we will pay $17 per night for the ability to have a fire. It's just not camping without the fire. Thanks a ton. Josh
  9. Does anyone have any .gpx files they would be willing to share? We have a large group headed to Cloudcroft later this month. Anything you are willing to share will be greatly appreciated. Thanks. Josh
  10. jbrooks26

    Cloudcroft - Lincoln National Forest Trails

    Hi Mototex, we have a rather large group headed to the CC area at the end of this month. We were there about 6 or 7 years ago and had a great time. We typically camp in the wilderness, but due to the fire restrictions we will need to camp in an approved camp ground so that we have an approved fire ring. Anyway, I was considering the Upper Karr campground, and I'm happy to hear that it is free. Is it accessible to travel trailers? We have several in our group who will be staying in campers. About 25 people total, including all the kids. I'm happy to see your report. Can you recommend any loops to ride, or a place to acquire a trail map? We are all experienced riders, and we love a challenge, so don't hold back. Seems like I was able to locate on in CC last time we were there, but I don't recall where. Anyway, thanks in advance for any info you can provide. Looking forward to the trip in a few weeks. Josh
  11. jbrooks26

    Rear axle Problems HELP

    You just need to figure out a way to hold the axle while you hit the nut with the impact. A pair of channel lock pliers on the end of the axle tube would probably do the trick. It shouldn't take much to hold it still.
  12. jbrooks26

    Opinions 2002 YZ250F - De Comp?

    I would highly recomend fixing the existing problem before changing the cam. If the problem has been resolved, then the Hotcam is a good choice. I installed just the exh cam in my 426 and haven't looked back. Hope this helps. Josh
  13. jbrooks26

    loosing my mind---help

    If this is still happening, I had a very similar issue several years back. Turned out that the clip came off of the needle, and the needle was still resting in the needle jet when the throttle was opened. I would also think that maybe the main fuel jet or needle jet may be partially plugged. Just a few other things tha that have not been mentioned before. Let us know how it turns out. Hope this helps. Josh
  14. jbrooks26

    Opinions 2002 YZ250F - De Comp?

    It's not neccessary to use the plug, in fact many people elect to leave the decomp lever in place for use in a flooded condition. If you want to remove the lever, you can follow the cable down to the head, you will find the decomp actuator lever at the end of the cable. Remove the retaining screw, and the lever will slide out of the head. Then you will have a hole left that needs to be plugged with this. http://cgi.ebay.com/ebaymotors/Yamaha-Head-Decompression-Plug-Billet-YFZ-YZ450F-250-YZ-_W0QQcmdZViewItemQQhashZitem35ae64b0a6QQitemZ230559101094QQptZMotorcyclesQ5fPartsQ5fAccessories I couldn't find them anywhere but on ebay. Hope this helps. Josh
  15. jbrooks26

    Broken linkage bearing... What should I do?

    You can use a magnet to remove the bearings if you don't have a pick. Otherwise, they will fall out when you clean the grease out. Or you can use a toothpick, just need something to get the first one pulled loose, and the others will come out easily. Hope this helps. Josh