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  1. gjscott

    Economical 2005-6 WR450 AIS removal

    How do you remove the pipe elbow ?
  2. gjscott

    Yamaha WR450F 2005

    Haven't ridden it much yet. Still fixing it up.
  3. gjscott

    Yamaha WR450F (2005)


    Haven't ridden it much yet. Still fixing it up.
  4. That's my favorite but also the hardest. I should start by trying to get in touch with his ex wife.
  5. So, I received the title and lien release from the finance company today. But there's a twist, they also sent me the titles and lien releases for the three other bikes associated with the loan. Two 05 Hondas and an 04 Yamaha. So here's my dilemma do I : 1: Return the documents to the loan company? 2: Try and out if the jackass sold the other bikes and there are three other unfortunate souls out there that could really use the titles? His ex wife who was involved with the purchase of these bikes still may have them. 3: Give them to the jackass, who'll no doubt sell the bikes and not resolve the debt. This is my least favorite option. Suggestions please !
  6. So I'll keep the bike, and the $1500 partial repayment I got from the jackass seller for storage and inconvenience before he disappeared off the face of the earth. So, I paid $2200 altogether for an 05 WR450F with 75 miles on it. Good deal in the end, but there was a lot of stress and BS to go with it.
  7. Some good news, I contacted the bank and suggested that as the bike is heavily depreciated at this point and represents a minute percentage of the outstanding debt, would they do a deal with me to release the lien. She said she'd get back to me in a week. So, two weeks later, today, I've still not heard so I gave them a call. I wasn't too confident at this point, so when they told me they'd release the lien and title to me for free I was pretty surprised. So, thanks for the suggestion and in the very near future I should gave the title in my hand.
  8. It's $2200 now as he gave me $1500 already. However, I talked to the lien holder and they are not pursuing the debt at all. This is really bizarre to me.
  9. I was naive, I admit it, but he's a car dealer right next to my house. Never again however. I do think the guy is honest, but he's a jackass, and is in some financial difficulty now and I'm the softest one he owes money to. I am expecting that he'll just lose it and drop off the radar, and I'm left holding the baby.
  10. Yes I do. He told me to keep it until he fully payed up. Like he had a choice.
  11. This guy must have ESP, he just texted me as I was posting that message. He states he seeing his attorney and will call me this evening. I'll not hold my breath. His wife was killed earlier this year when she was hit by an SUV as a pedestrian outside his shop. Horrible for him I'm sure, so I have been cutting him a lot of slack.
  12. In 2011 I bought a 2006 WR450F with 75 miles on it off a classic car dealer next to my house for $3700. He claimed he'd lost and had to find the title, and I believed him. He tried to find the title then requested a new one from the DMV for 6 months with no results. So one day, while I was at the DMV on unrelated business I asked about this bike, they informed me it still had a lien on it. I talked to the seller who denied this saying it was a mistake etc etc This BS went on for a few months. He gave me permission to talk directly with the lien holder who said he had an outstanding debt of $17K on a loan that this bike was included in. The seller repeatedly told me he was talking to the lien holder to work it all out, but this was also BS. He didn't ever contact them. So I confronted him face to face, told him he had the debt so he has two choices, pay the $17K and pay the lien, or give me my $3700 back. He, unsurprisingly opted to pay me back. So, he gave me a check for $1500 in March 2013 which cleared fine, promising to follow with more payments. I call him 2-3 times a weeks and he's stopped responding. His shop says he hasn't been there for 3 weeks. So, drama aside, what should I do ? I don't think he's going to pay me anytime soon. These are the hypothetical solutions I can think of: 1: I can take him to court. He'll lose as he's already admitted guilt with the partial repayment. But he could be obstructive. Not show at court, claim poverty etc 2: I could buy a frame and title and reframe the bike. This I'm sure isn't legal, but what are the risks/ drawbacks? The Lien holder is going to pursue the seller for payment, not me. I'm not morally comfortable with this as you can imagine. 3: Sell the bike cheap with full disclosure of course. I'm not going to rip anybody off. I'd love to hear some opinions ? thanks
  13. gjscott

    mystery problem!!!

    As William1 said, could be the kickstarter idler, try pushing the bike while maybe moving or holding the kickstart lever and see if you can feel any pressure on it. My hypothesis may be a load of crap but I would try it just to see.
  14. gjscott

    When did you last grease your swingarm and linkage?

    I have an 06 which I just bought with 75 miles only on it. I stripped the lower shock linkage and it looks good but there wasn't much grease. I also found one of the oil seal lips was damaged. I guess it must have happened at the factory. So I've ordered 10 seals (min qty) for $2.25 each from a local bearing supplier. $22.50 for 10 is better than $16 for 4 from the dealer. The size is 25-32-4 which means 25mm ID, 32mm OD and 4mm thick. http://www.motionindustries.com/motion3/jsp/mii/parametricSearchSecondaryMI.jsp?AM_ACTION=ParametricSearchSecondaryAM&LANGUAGE=0&AM_FIRST=Y&LINE_NO=1&SR_LINE_NO=0&SEARCH_DESC=00601753&SEARCH_FIELD=M&MFR_PART_NO=25X32X4+VG-NBR+METRIC+SEAL&BUS_ACTION=details&display_option=N&CAT_GRP_CD=02030100&var1=1&var2=00601753&KeepThis=true&TB_iframe=true&height=500&width=600 The site says they're $3.58 but I got a discount.