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  1. that is great... I need to go buy my kid one now. Thanks for helping me spend money LOL
  2. WOW that 907 is a crazy looking tire. Thanks for all the suggestions.. I ended up just peeling off the MX11 and putting on my MX51 that came with the bike... I will most likely order a set of ARTRAX SX2 tires for the front and rear and then put them on when they come in. For $95 with new tubes I find them hard to beat! suggestions? I haven't seen a bad review on them so.
  3. Yup. They have to want to! pushing them will push them away. he took off on his Strider and had his ups and downs and wouldn't ride it for a while... but wont touch a peddle bike because he is to "into" the Strider... like I said above. he also rides his PowerWheels Kawi Quad and loves that but rare he gets it out over his Strider. How much you paying out the door for a Oset 12.5R?
  4. Hey all! Had a great time in Bend last weekend... was great fun and put over 100+ miles on in 1 day of riding. I wish I lived closer I would love to ride it more and don't do it enough. (normally a 2 time a year ride for me) Anyways, I SMOKED my Dunlop MX11. it is a soft tire I know this but this is my second trip there and this trip did it in... like more than half of the main lugs are GONE! I guess I was just ripping it up more than normal I have at least 6 rides on this tire and it is time to replace. What would everyone suggest? Anyone run these ArTrax? are they worth it? they are $85 for a front and rear combo, which I need to replace both. that is about half the cost of a MX51 combo but is it half the life? Thanks Nick
  5. I have a 3 year old and want to get him the same bike... not sure if he is ready. He has been on a Strider bike since he was 1. and he is attached to it... if I put him on a peddle bike he jumps off and grabs his Strider and takes off. I don't want to jump into a bike he wont ride. thoughts? Congrats and I know the feeling... cant wait to go riding with my boy and girl
  6. Call the local ranger station of the area you want to ride
  7. Flexx handle bars and steering stabilizer
  8. 2nd... love my Fatty! now I just need a 300kit
  9. Darn it man I was hoping you knew something I didn't!!!! oh well someday... maybe!?
  10. and this is why I have not picked up a light for my 250SX. I want a good light not just a indicator light, I want a light you can really ride behind at night (not baja but just ride) Anyways the stock stator will not put out enough to power anything more than a cheap small head light, for safety it would be a good idea on dark tight trails. but otherwise useless
  11. what proof do you have that they will ever go DI? I haven't heard this to be fact. I hear humors all over and they all smell bad and never happen, I remember back in 2009 everyone was "Oh wait don't buy the 2009 because the 2010s will be DI" NEVER HAPPENED I personally dont care, I have been tuning carbs my whole life and my carb is spot on and find no need for DI or the complex nature of it. but maybe it would be worth it if it makes boat loads of power!!!!
  12. about 100cc LOL at the wait tell next year model comments... sure you should wait tell 2020... should be the best year LOL if you aren't riding this bike at its top most performance then you will never tell the difference 1 year from the next. most pros likely cant. now sure 5 years and they are worlds apart some times, it is amazing what they are doing and how quickly they are changing bikes. I think soon there will not be interchangeable parts one year from the next. back on your main subject ... I would say go with the 250, more power and you dont have to rev it to the moon, thou fun you will likely get bigger and faster thus again wanting a bigger bike.
  13. Love my 250SX and I cant wait to make it a 300SX... just waiting for that top end to need a refresh. personally don't like the looks of the 16s. but that is just looks, the bike beyond the graphics is unknown what will be better, likely nothing will be worse. If I were you I would be the same way... got to see what is next. but then I would settle with last years model and get it for a good deal because honestly what are they going to bolt on the bike that is so much more than last years?
  14. looks alone I prefer the 15s. so much white on the 16s will see what 17 has to offer. I have very happy with my 13 just want to get a 300SX kit
  15. well I admit I assumed that the XCw didn't change that much but I will have to rip around on a 15 and see for myself. don't know anyone that rides one but if I do I will be sure to ride it.
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