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  1. toohip

    Uni / Twin Air not coming with cage? Xr400

    I don't know about the twin air. The uni comes with its own cage. You can't use the stock cage on the the uni filter. You will love the uni cage that comes with the filter because it doesn't have sharp edges like the stock cage. I use to hate changing my stock filter because i would cut my fingers on the sharp edges on the stock cage. The uni is a good filter, go ahead and bye it. Taking the cage out of the filter for the first time is a little bit tricky, but once the filter is oily the cage will slip out easy for cleaning.
  2. toohip

    RV so exciting Not

    Haha! If RV is only employed because of the fans, what does that say about Chad Reed. He couldn't even get a job. The fans must all hate him.
  3. I hate Chad Reed but i have a feeling he is going to win the title.
  4. toohip

    Mouthguard for Motocross?

    Many motocross racers are wearing mouth guards now. KTM sells them on there site.
  5. toohip

    Chad Reed at Millville

    Put something on that thing. You know the rules about nudity.
  6. toohip

    Chad Reed at Millville

    Reed is performing as well as he would of last year if everybody wouldn't of get hurt. Reed was a top five guy last year at best. He didn't have near the speed RV or MA had. He couldn't hardly beat Josh Grant last year before he got hurt. i don't buy the neck injury. This is a guy that rode with a 73th degree shoulder separation. Yes he is and always will be faster then all of us. Reed with alway be and champ with a "*" He has never beat the best rider. Even when some riders (Bubba) pull over and let him by.
  7. toohip

    Horn Help!!!

    Does it have to be a electric horn in you state. If not get a kids bicyle horn. I have seen it one used before.
  8. toohip

    JS is riding again!!

    First I have to say i am not a James Stewart fan. I like Dungey and others. But I still believe the only rider on the planet that could beat stewart is RC. I think with him being gone so long people have forgot how fast he really is. James use to screw with last years "champ" by letting him past and then blowing his doors off. If stewart is in race he is going to crash or win.
  9. ims and moose are the same. I have moose ones. They are nice and wide. They are good pegs.
  10. I still have my first 4stroke. It is still running after 35 years and i got it second hand. 1971 z50.
  11. toohip

    Pressure Washer

    1300psi pressure will be find. I always fan the spray.
  12. SERVICE HONDA CR500AF XR650R KTM 450 EXC KTM 300XC BBR XR 50 My riding buddy has a KTM 300 with the Christini package. We call it the cheater bike.
  13. toohip

    XR's/XL's that appear in Movies

    Bird on a wire xl600
  14. toohip

    xr100 bars

    Any standard bars will fit the xr100. I am not sure if this really answers you question thought.