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  1. pmg8134

    Just a asking

    It was last Sunday. Did you end up doing it?
  2. pmg8134

    25 years old spark plug - regap or replace?

    I gotta see a pic of this relic please? Im reading all this out of curiosity and it never ceases to amaze me how some stuff can just run and run year after year
  3. pmg8134

    Insurance covering knee braces

    Most places have a brand in stock for whatever prescribed purpose that the doc requests. Basically whatever sales rep has the sweetest perk and or price to provider
  4. I have no idea on red or green stickers. Yes to Honda clones lots of available aftermarket parts
  5. But they love them. Its been worth it to have one for each. Pink camo makes you laugh too when your warming up for them
  6. I went with tao tao just bc a local person was selling but then had it shipped here for a better deal. I got the 125s so they could have reverse. They problem with any of them is that they are geared to have no torque if you limit the throttle to much the slightest hill they can’t get up. You have to replace chain and sprockets out the gate. Carbs are irregular one day they run great not the other. Bolts come loose from stamped steel. So figure throwing a couple hundred bucks more out the gate to get it somewhat reliable
  7. I bought two of the chinese ones for my daughters. They’ve been a blast but they are a lot of maintenance. If I could go back I think I would rather have one Name brand. Even if she outgrows it you can trade or get most of your money back if you maintain and bought a good used one out the gate
  8. pmg8134

    Restricted items

    I read this and have to ask why?
  9. pmg8134

    Any way to paint a clear oversized tank?

    Rit dye. Get it grayish and still see fuel level
  10. pmg8134


    Ha! I did forget about them being very strict about the streets snd after dusk riding
  11. pmg8134


    Awesome place. Something for everybody. No sketchiness from owner great people. Mike was sick for a little while but I have had nothing but amazing times there for four visits. Lodging was clean and cheap. That red georgia clay will never leave your machine and is super slick when wet. One way posted trails on everything. Its been a couple of years since I visited but have had friends go back to say nothing has changed.
  12. I Got on ebay and bought bulk of several sizes to mix and match to stock sizes and lengths. They also sell bulk of different styles of clamps. I went with the blue lines and haven’t had any issues
  13. pmg8134

    2012 rmz 250 sprocket nuts stripped!

    Try putting the other bolts you removed back in and tightening them up. It might take pressure off the frozen ones and make them easier to remove