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  1. filterx

    2005 crf250 help

    I haven't looked at my 05 motor number but reading this, a ME10E21XXXX would be a 05 and ME10E20 might be an 04 so are you 100% sure its an 05 (sticker VIN) or actual stamped VIN will tell you for sure As far as a new motor goes you can try in the buy/sell here or 2004 to 2009 off Ebay etc but. Good luck dude
  2. filterx

    Winter Dirt Bike Maintenance

    As my sig says I'm with you there bro
  3. Ya as I posted depends on where you live BUT the real hill climbs are out West Though there are some cute mountains in the north east
  4. filterx

    PNW Helmet Cam Vids

    Spectacular I need to get down to ride sooner than later
  5. filterx

    Canadians: What do you do in Winter?

    In the PNW ride 365 otherwise if we actually get any snow studs and looks this winter is going to be mild and snow free So hopefully will not have to deal with this
  6. filterx

    2005 crf250 help

    Out of interest roughly where do you live?
  7. I've watched a few of your vids and Israel where you are riding looks a lot like places I've seen in the south westerns USA. Those where some exposed tight trails
  8. filterx

    Most durable MX GLOVES?

    I've got a pair of those that I've had for years and use as a backup and ya they have not worn out but I found the seams gave me blisters below my fingers and I use Pro Taper Pillow Top grips. I also have soft office boy hands so no calluses
  9. filterx

    Winter Dirt Bike Maintenance

    Not sure where you live or store your bike but if freezing is an issue during storage obviously anti-freeze
  10. Depending on what type of hills your talking about, there is a place I go to once a summer to dirt bike/camp and they have some fairly steep/long hills that I struggled to the top on my CRF250R. One summer, the CRF250R was down and took the DRZ400E. I got to the top so fast and easy I was like WTF. Next summer went back with the CRF and cleaned them NP cus I knew what it felt like to do it. IE speed, gear, body position etc.
  11. Ya my street bike has self cancelling and on my dual sport I occasionally leave the indicator on so good idea adding a reminder light
  12. And ironically the have or had a place in Alberta they sent the stuff to, then got shipped to where ever in Canada from there. I know they don't ship OEM parts to Canada but I've bought some other stuff from them but usually just aftermarket stuff around a $100 even though we don't have mail service just PO boxes, just used my house address, then the Alberta place used Canada Post so ended up going to pick it up at the Post Office anyway. If I had a US PO Box I would look at buying some OEM stuff in the US first if I could cus even with the exchange rate some stuff MIGHT actually be cheaper. Anyway the exchange rate SUCKS so if I'm ordering stuff on line from Fortnine (IMO the best place in Canada) or Gnarly Parts but try my local shops first. Might actually be some great prices for our US friends
  13. filterx

    Very long downhill grade on the snow/ice

    You can research the other methods IE sheet metal screws into the knobs(cheap, grip studs into the knobs(pricey, then lots of other options but as I said this was cheap, relatively easy to try to see if you want to get into winter riding. Here's the vid I used With these Front/Rear UHD tubes front/back, make sure you drill the holes in as straight as possible, long socket and an impact to really drive the nuts deep into knobs and heads flush inside the tire. I didn't really do this so see my previous pics and below. Fronts I found this pattern, amount worked fine but you could add more but try to avoid the outer knobs. Never had an issue with flats. Rear Was using Maxis Desert ITs and flatted first ride but the IT is a stiff tire and almost didn't notice. Change the tube and use the one as a liner but flatted again and at that point theres was so much tube in the tire I just rode if for a couple of months a ZERO psi. Next year used like a 8mm yoga mat (cheap) as a liner and didn't flat all winter but you can see where a screw head wore through when I took off in the spring. I've read about other sturdier liners but can't remember what they were so look in some of the studded tire posts As long as the snow doesn't get so deep the bike floats on the skids plate and the tires don't touch the ground, riding in the winter is a BLASTED
  14. filterx

    Best Place to Weigh Your Bike

    I may not have explained it correctly but ya exactly and they have a digital scale which tells you the before/after weight and is like 0.00 LBS. For example truck/bike weigh 2200.00 LBS, truck weights 2000.00 LBS so bike weights 200.00 LBS and the scale is made to handle or low weights from what I've seen when dropping recycling/garage off
  15. filterx

    Best Place to Weigh Your Bike

    As a suggestion Put it in your truck and go to some place that weights trucks before/after unloading stuff and ask them if you weight your bike. Where I live it would be a land fill site where they weight going in/out and you pay for the weight of crap you unloaded. Might take a bit of loading/unloading but should get a fairly accurate weight.