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  1. I understand why they can rip but normally never have a problem so I'll keep doing what I do until I actually start having one.
  2. filterx

    Pot & Riding

    Ya I think most of BC has been open minded for a long time and hence the only and first store to sell it was in Kamloops. Its part of the BC Liquor store thing and looked pretty cool in the pics I say in the Province today. vince These dudes like they were already baked Otherwise I can't remember the last time I actually bought weed and might grow my 4 outdoors ones next summer from clones just cus and not actually legal but prove it
  3. filterx

    Garrett Poucher and Skyler Howes Dakar 2019

    And as always I'm looking forward to the 2019 Dakar https://www.dakar.com/en
  4. filterx

    250f rebuild help/shops in Vancouver, Canada

    If you want to bring the bike up to Squamish, contact Chris at OTP before hand and see what he says. He does all the major work on my 05 CRF250R and will be straight up with you. PM me if your interested and I can introduce you to him.
  5. filterx

    Pot & Riding

    I'm sure I smelt weed today from people just walking around smoking Pretty funny cus I was asking the girls at Home Depot and some other places when they were going to start selling it giving it away with other stuff bought and they were all LTAO
  6. filterx

    Is there a tool for measuring idle speed?

    There are apps that apparently use your phone's proximity sensor but I haven't tried and not sure how accurate they would be but I'd be interested to hear Android - https://www.google.ca/search?ei=-MfHW8uNBKaE0wLk3KaQDQ&q=tachometer+app+for+android&oq=tachometer+app&gs_l=psy-ab.1.1.0l4j0i22i30k1l4j0i22i10i30k1j0i22i30k1.1319.2509.0.5129. Just found this Digital Laser Non-Contact Photo Tachometer RPM Measurer with LED Laser https://www.instrumentchoice.com.au/instrument-choice/other-meters/dm-6234p-digital-laser-non-contact-photo-tachometer-rpm-measurer-with-led-laser-for-hvac-automotive- Otherwise a variety of types here for an example https://www.amazon.ca/Briggs-Stratton-19200-Tachometer/dp/B0044AV5VK
  7. Ya I've read this but I use the top nuts on the valve stems snug tight and one Motion Pro rim lock front/back tightened correctly even with as low as 2 PSI on the rear, only ever had the STI rear tube valve rip but maybe I didn't have the rim lock tightened enough. Rear and I mark the valve hole when changing tires, 2 nuts and use a valve removal tool with a rubber cap which is handy when changing tires
  8. My 505 has been incredible for performance/life and cost and still waiting to wear it out so I can try out the 525 Cheater i've had sitting in my kitchen since June
  9. filterx

    Dented muffler fix?

    Ya I would just have at the dented area carefully. Let me know how it works out
  10. filterx

    Dented muffler fix?

    I haven't tried it personally but read about - take the silencer completely apart so you just have the can. On a nice flat hard large surface use a rolling pin (if its long enough) or say a 1" or larger diameter piece of steel EMT conduit that's about 6" or longer to come out of each end and basically roll out the dent. Slightly hard to explain and hope this gives you some ideas
  11. Is that near Atlan? IMO that's EPIC VIRGIN WIDE OPEN BC single track at its best and the trees are not tight
  12. I bought an R before I knew what the bike was or where and how I wanted to ride. its only woods/tight technical and struggled with stalling the first few years. A buddy a told me to get a fly wheel weight and once i got a Stealthy 11oz (can could have gone larger) it was the best $200 I've spent on the bike. Easy to install, I learned to use the clutch, lug it low and slow and my bike she likes to go fast and I love this bike 05 bike I've been riding since 2010 and still my bike for the woods https://www.steahlyoffroad.com/flywheel-weights/honda-flywheels?p=2 Looks like they have a clutch basket ($$$$) or weight for the 2010 so you'll have to do your own research. the 250R's are not trail/enduro bikes but you can make them into reasonably good fun bikes Good luck
  13. Ya I've a STI HD tube once and ripped the valve out first ride and normally use IRC-IX Heavies but have a Bridgestone UHD rear as a back up that looks good. Run front 6 to 12 and rear 2 to 12 depending on tires and last flat I've had in 5 years was and actual piece of steel puncturing the tire/tube. IMO if its a quality tube usually dirt in the valve from not using a valve cap or not making sure the valve is tight (I use spit) or you might have something stuck in the tire (like a thorn) or maybe a spoke. The key when IDing a leak is making sure you know exactly how the tube was installed in the tire and how the tire/tube were mounted on the rim. Fill it up once removed and find out exactly where the hole is in relation to the tire/rim. Pinch flats or torn valves are obvious but if you find a leak in a weird place in the tube, it can help figure out what actually caused it IE finding something stuck in the tire that is just poking through into the tube and not obvious. You can use your fingers inside the tire but it might only poke out when the tire is compressed. Slightly hard to explain and not sure if any of that made sense I'm sure tubes at some point just lose air naturally but normally I check before every ride with a digital gauge and don't see any real air lose or maybe something like 0.5 psi over a few months.
  14. filterx

    Pot & Riding

    Ya when I was younger and lived at a ski resort (Whistler/Blackcomb) I don't think there was a day (125 a year) that I skied or snowboarder when we DIDN'T smoke a fatty on the first chair and then a few times during the day. Also mountain biked about 100 days a year and smoke pretty much every ride. Personally I was used to it and found that it helped me focus and I felt I was using weed as a performance enhancing drug. Ssome of the most EPIC big mountain riding I have ever done and will remember for a life. Since I've been dirt biking, a couple of dudes smoke but I haven't smoked much in the last 10 years but was camping/dirt biking a few weeks ago. We were sitting around the camp fire after dinner and buddy pulls out a joint. I'm like ya I'l have a few tokes and man it felt like the first time I got high 40 years ago and was LMAO and talking like a 12 year old school girl and buddy was like are you OK and I was like man I'm so wasted Couldn't do it while riding today but to each there own and glad Canada has made it legal. Might have a couple of beers before a ride but not while riding.
  15. filterx

    Paraffin based chain lube

    On both my bikes but specifically the CRF with a non oring chain I use Maxima Chain Guard before every ride. Also use Maxima Chain CleanUp before washing, then carefully wipe off excess water and use Maxima MPPL to displace water and have about 100hrs on my drive train but I'll replace next spring. My 2cents