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  1. drrthumper

    Pine Barrens

    cammok5, Sorry to hear about your bike being ripped off, that sucks. If you catch 'em...shoot 'em!
  2. This isn't what I was expecting this thread to be about. Oh yeah, I have more fun going up than down....it's called gravity.
  3. You won't see that happen now...
  4. drrthumper

    New tat!!

    Like a half million people on Thumpertalk!
  5. drrthumper

    All Black 08 TE 510

    I like it. You know what they say.....once you go black, you never go back. Where did you find the black plastic?
  6. drrthumper

    TE250 Front Axle Allen Bolt Size?

    Thanks for the info. I called Motoxotica but I couldn't order just the $4.35 doohickey, they have a $15.00 minimum so I'll look around the local brick & mortars for a 12mm allen. Thanks again.
  7. What size allen wrench do I need to remove the front axle on a 2008 TE250? I've searched the forums and owners manual but I can't find it. Thanks.
  8. The last 4 photos are incredible, nice report too.
  9. I spent a long weekend riding the Taylor Park & 717 trails in late September. It is beautiful country out there and to those of you fortunate enough to live there.... Here's a 2 minute collage of some pictures and short video clips: http://vimeo.com/2092284
  10. drrthumper


    Yeah, right. I wonder how you'd feel if that was your kid on the quad.
  11. drrthumper

    Last trip of the summer 9-20-08

    We got there Friday afternoon just as the weather was moving in. The rain made for good traction but made the goggles useless:
  12. drrthumper

    Last trip of the summer 9-20-08

    Redhurricane......thanks, I found it. Appreciate that a bunch. Any chance you or any other TTers will be there tomorrow?
  13. drrthumper

    Last trip of the summer 9-20-08

    That looks like a great time. We'll be there Friday and I was hoping somebody could give directions to the Metberry Gulch area? I've got the Pikes Peak #137 map with the 717 system but I don't see Metberry Gulch on it. Thanx.
  14. drrthumper

    off road from Spain

    You have some incredible pictures on your site. Nice job!
  15. drrthumper

    08' TE250 After Break In

    Today was my first ride on the TE250 after 150 miles of gently breaking it in. This bike is just plain fun to ride. I'm beginning to see why you guys keep piling on the praise for these bikes. Big difference between this and my modified 03' WR250. As much as I've liked that bike this TE beats it hands down. First off this bikes handles much better than the WR. I can't explain exactly what I mean except to say this bike just seems to want to go where it's pointed with very little effort. At speed in the corners the bike feels very light and nimble. Even though the weights are similar the TE feels lighter at speed. The suspension is in a whole different class, much plusher and more forgiving. It also has the best front brakes that I've experienced. Even the kickstand, which I hated at first, is growing on me. Once you get used to the auto release, it's not bad. It's also quicker. I have the PowerUp kit and while it may be slightly off at the very bottom, once you get in the middle of the rev band, she rips. My only complaints are the seat, kindalike sitting on an ironing board, and I wish 6th gear was a little taller. Overall, I'm really liking this bike. Considering it's DOT legal out of the box I think Husky has done a great job with the TE series. I'm looking forward to many miles and many smiles on this bike.