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  1. Just picked up a 1998 PW50, does anyone have or know where I can get the shop manual for cheap/free? Are there any good sites for getting parts in Canada? Prices seem to range wildly
  2. If I bought my bike from the USA and I have a title and declared it at the border, do I still have to pay *more* taxes on it? I paid taxes when I brought it across the border.
  3. I'm also late to the party here. I have a CRF250X. I guess now I have to plate it. How is everyone mounting their plates? Does ICBC give you a mounting bracket? In addition, I bought this bike from the USA and I have a title and declared it at the border. This means I've already paid tax on it. Is ICBC going to force more sales tax on me, or am I done?
  4. My wife did an oil change on her 2007 150R last year and snapped one of the bolts off inside the case, and if I recall correctly, there's still a bit of threaded bolt stuck in there. This is the bolt that goes into the engine case, not the short one. Anyone ever done this and able to give advice on how to get it out?
  5. I don't know if the noise has been there previously, I think I just never noticed it. It's never gotten louder. There are no vibrations. IMO the bike rides, runs, and feels just fine. I certainly hope it's not that bearing, though.
  6. Yeah this is in Kamloops, BC. I make a lot of trips out there because there is so much awesome biking up there! What's the RS main bearing? I did the valve clearance check earlier this year and shimmed the valves. The timing chain was night and tight (thought I know that may not be an indication that it's fine). Should I be worried something is going to grenade?
  7. It might be hard to pick up on, but in this video: there's a kind of wooshing noise... I don't really know how else to describe it. You can hear it as soon as I start getting up to speed in the beginning of the video. Does anyone know what it is and if it's normal?
  8. MISTAKE IN TITLE: Bike is actually 350 XCF (sorry, I don't own a KTM or know much about their models!) My brother has a 2012 KTM XCF 350. He says he needs to buy fans to go over the radiator to keep the bike from overheating... as he's been told from a couple people. I find it hard to believe how a trail bike would come with inadequate means to cool the motor. Is this true? If so, are fans the only way to resolve the issue? EDIT: Seems I've found my answer here: http://www.thumpertalk.com/topic/969108-350-cooling-system-and-overheating-question/
  9. ninjai

    What kind of oil?

    I've heard you can buy much cheaper motorcycle oil at places like Napa and Lordco instead of buying the expensive Honda stuff. As long as the oil matches the viscosity and weight of the Honda stuff and is synthetic motorcycle oil, can I just buy the cheaper stuff for the CRF250X?
  10. Thanks for the input, however I feel that would be a big downgrade for her. The CRF150R has roughly 25 horsepower and according to some results I found, the TTR 230 has somewhere in the ballpark of 15 horsepower. She likes the power of the 150R, unfortunately. If it was something like 23 horsepower then it might be a different story. Unfortunately that's way too far away for me, I'm in Canada (BC) and I doubt he'd ship out a rekluse.
  11. Please do detail! I'm pretty sure this bike does have a flywheel weight, but I can't recall. Easy to check when I have time . I love how light this bike is for her, it's probably similar to me at 6'2 lugging my 250x at a 251lb, it is still sorta heavy but it's still manageable if required.
  12. Now you've got me confused . If I recall correctly there's a screw under the carb (at least that's where it was on my yz250f) and that is the fuel screw. The other is a knob you can turn that goes into the carb, but it's a cable that extends from it with a knob on the end. That's what I always understood adjusted the air/fuel mixture. I'm not entirely sure what that means, I just assumed it opened and closed some airway... where turning it out (unscrewing) it would add more fuel, and turning it it, it would restrict fuel allowing more air. Unfortunately my wife is too aggressive for that. She had a CRF150F prior and it was gutless and she hated it. She loves the power of the R though.
  13. With normal jets, how picky are they per elevation change? There's easily 3,000 ft of change between where I just started it and where we normally ride. We usually ride around 2600-4800 ft. Again, if I recall correctly JD has a needle for 0-5000 and 5000-10000, so in theory this should solve all jet problems. Couldn't my problem also be the air/fuel mix adjustment?
  14. Thanks for the input. Jetting is not my strong point. The previous owners overhauled this thing for trail riding, so my logical conclusion would be that they put a JD jet kit in it but I have no clue how to tell (is there stamps on some of the needles or anything?). I've watched dozens of jetting videos and I'm still not really good at adjusting carbs. Yesterday when I started it (we are pretty close to sea level) it started from cold easiest with no choke, but the hot start pulled in... so is it too rich? It seemed to run fine when we were a few thousand feet up with its current settings... but in theory a JD jet kit should cover 0-5000 or 5000-10000 if I recall correctly (because they come with 2 needles or something). Think a JD Jet kit would solve my problem? She loves the power of the 150R, just starting it is such a pain in the ass. If it started much easier it wouldn't be so bad. She definitely loves dirt biking... there's no question there. I just hate when I have to see her get frustrated and tuckered out when her bike stalls and doesn't start after 15 kicks. It's a complete waste of energy.
  15. Both options we can't really afford right now, unfortunately. It's a shame they don't make a bike like the CRF250X but in a 150cc size. The Junior-X is perfect except I'd rather buy used and for a significant fracture of the cost. 9-10k is far too steep.
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