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  1. Turns out that my shifter was slightly obstructed by the aluminum clamp on my skid plate. Moved the lever up one notch and the shifting now seems to be fine. Thanks to all for the feedback!
  2. Sounds like a good possibility that I overlooked a solution that could be that simple. I will check that this evening and be back with an update.
  3. I recently purchased 2000 MXC which appears to have relatively low hours and it shows no signs of abuse. Here are the symptoms: 1) When I ratchet the shifter to the lowest position the bike is in neutral rather than first gear. 2) There are only 5 speeds available after moving up from neutral. It feels more like the bike is running gears 1 -5 versus 2 - 6. Shift lever is in normal position and bikes through available gears with no issues. Has anyone experienced the same symptoms on these bikes before. If so, what was the fix?