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  1. Bergi600

    Steering Damper

    Well, I´m pretty sure you can´t put the 08 OEM damper on a 07 model.....the reason: your frame has no mounting point for the damper!!!!.....but don´t be too disapointed: I turned the clicks on my damper all the way out and actually I´m thinking to take it off the bike completely, because the little CRF doesn´t need it!!!!
  2. Hi guys, just one question.....I have a 08 CRF and I have approx. 5h on it!! Last time I rode it I noticed a clanking noise starting the bike and sometimes shutting it off, too!!!......the bike runs fine, there is just this one clank noise and my guess is that the clank comes from the automatic decompression device. Well, my question.......do I have to worry about this clank or do other CRFs have this clank too???.....I´m really not sure if the bike had this clank from the very first minute or if it recently just came up??? Thanks in advance for your experiences
  3. Bergi600

    4 Stroke versus 2 Stroke Suspension

    Hi, basically it has to do with the load the chain puts on the suspension.....because the load is not that snappy and abrupt on a 4 stroke the suspension doesn`t feel that harsh as on a 2 stroke.
  4. Bergi600

    out of oil

    hey...I feel sorry for you....this is most likely an expensive lesson! What makes me wondering---first oil change after 2 months!!!....i guess you rode more than 2 hours in these two months, right???...make your first oil change after 1-2 hours, then every three hours!!! My recommendation, please maintain your bike regularly and you will be happy!!!
  5. Bergi600

    How much better are the 2006 bikes??

    Go with a 05 Yamaha.......you can`t go wrong here!!! Bullet- and Fool proof!!! I bet you will not go a 1/10 of a second faster on a 06!!!!.......spend the saved money on new tires once in a while!!!!!!
  6. Bergi600

    06 KXF 250 Shifting Problem

    MXA is right 99.9% of the time!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  7. Bergi600

    hour meter?

    Hi, on the "coil-style" spark plug cap it doesn`t work too good to wrap the wire.....the 06 Kawi uses the same coil style stuff like my 05 Yamaha. I just wrapped my hour meter wire around the top of the plug cap once and have no problems at all!!!!
  8. Bergi600

    KTM Suspension

    Hi, my suspension guy built me a shock with a bladder and a larger reservoir bottle.......well, all what the guys told you before is right!!!.....it depends on the valving when it comes to performance!!!.....also, it will break down sooner....but that´s no issue for me......my suspension guy services the shock every 6 month and I never had problems (I was running the bladder on my former KTM too)....what I can tell you: yes, it´s awesome on the small choppy stuff that´s on every track!!! Yes, it doesn´t fade that fast....but thats because of more oil....remember, bigger reservoir!!!.......what I also know.....progressive springs don´t work very well for MX........and I like the bladder system and recommend it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ...oh, just one note......I have a EXC, but I ride it 90% of the time on MX tracks!!......I know, sounds weired, but I have my reasons for that!!!
  9. Bergi600

    Re-packing Anyone?

    What bike do you have???........first of all, cartridges should be available at your KTM dealer for almost every MY....go with the original spare part....I had some bad experience with aftermarket stuff----didn´t last, as so steel wool!!! The best advice I can give to you----take your time to pack this thing.....don´t rush, because then you screw!!!!.....be cautious drilling out the rivets----you don´t want a bigger than stock hole in your muffler shell!!! Take off both ends, the endcap and the inlet. Slip the cartridge over the tube and carefully install the tube in the shell again.......take a close look if everything is lined up perfect, otherwise there is no way to get the endcap installed!!!!.......when everything is put together again install the new rivets......you have to do this as the last procedure because there is always a little shifting before the holes are matching again!!!!........so, grab two beers, be in a good mood, have some time on hand and head to the garage........good luck!!! ......by the way, I hate repacking mufflers.......but you have to do that once in a while!!!
  10. Bergi600

    quick opinion

    Go with black rims....definately!!!!!!!!!..........about the hubs, hm, well, I would go with black or polished!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  11. Bergi600

    Which Bike?

    I think a pleasant, low maintainance bike would be a smart choice for you.......a Suzuki DRZ400 or a Honda XR400 should be perfect!!!!!.....if you are a little more performance orientated go for a Yami WR250F or a KTM EXC450!!!!!......my opinion!!!!!!!
  12. Bergi600

    06 525 springs and pipe

    Do you have a SX or a EXC/XC???........if you have a SX, leave the pipe alone, it´s pretty perfect!!!!!!!.....if you have a EXC/XC and don´t need a spark arrestor get a SX pipe.............believe me, there is nothing better than the stock SX pipe on the 525!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  13. Hi, I ride a 05 EXC525 mostly moto (yeah, I know, sounds weird, but I have reasons for that! )......Intermediate, 190lbs!......I had a suspension revalve for moto and I´m running a 8.8 straight rate in the rear, 0.46 springs in the front!!!...so far, so good!!!!....well, I´m 70% satisfied with the job the suspension guy did..........and now here are the two complaints: #1---FRONT: a lot of the choppy, small bumps make it through to the handlebar......and it hammers the s%#t out of me! #2---REAR: on hard square edges the shock blows through the stroke like hell and I lose grip!!!! ......well, these things I don´t experience on my modified YZF250 in a head to head comparision.....so, I guess it´s not my riding style! The suspension guy told me, that my complaints relate to 50% to the fact, that the 525 is a big bike which puts heavy loads on the suspension....so the 250 is of course more pleasant! The other 50% is the concept of the old open system fork and PDS related! ......well, I almost tend to believe him!!! My question: does anyone of you guys, with modified suspension, have the same issues......or are there maybe better suspension guys out there??????? Anybody experiencing the same bad suspension habbits??? What is your take on your modified suspension??? Thanks in advance!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  14. Bergi600

    Known Problems with 06 250 SXF

    Well, we are drifting from the original question....anyway, the 250F has enough power, I think.....I´m a 190lbs intermediate MX´er and ride/race a 250 YZF....this thing is fast as hell as long as you carry momentum around!!!!
  15. Bergi600

    9.2 Straight vs PDS 8

    Sorry DISAGREE!!!!!!!!!!!!!...........for me progessive springs have sometimes a sort of numb feeling, what means, I really have a strange feeling for the rear end. I can´t exactly predict how much stroke I´m using in certain situations...it seems as the rear end always reacts different........and this isn´t confidence inspiring at all!!! ......but now to the basic question: You consider a 9.2 spring??? Really???...I put the 8.8 on my EXC and it works really good for me (intermediate MX´er; 190lbs without gear!!!!) You said you have 181lbs???....well, I bet the 9.2 is too heavy for you!!!.....you have to consider, that the PDS set up requires 30-35mm static sag!!!!!