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  1. I loved the look of the OEM graphics in both texture and design. I bought OEM graphics from a 2006 anniversary edition yellow bike. I carefully cut the yellow sections from the graphics and that's what you see in the pics. They are not cheap, but no aftermarket graphics last like OEM stuff.
  2. Wyatt

    Oil leaking from silencer

    Could be completely normal depending on how you ride. For Mx, my silencer would be completely dry. It would never build up an oil residue. The same bike with woods silencer ridden in tight woods always makes spooge on silencer. I am simply not riding it hard enough to burn it all. My son's pipes get so hot he blues the whole chamber. It all in how it is ridden and how it is jetted. I wouldn't go chasing leaner jetting to fix it if it isn't ridden hard. You could go too lean for your piston and crank.
  3. Wyatt

    Suggestions to resolve Rekluse chatter.

    I know this may not be a help in your situation with all that you have tried but I will tell you my experience. I put the Core EXP 3.0 in my YZ250. I set it up just as suggested with the default springs. It performed flawlessly it seemed but it would chatter at times in deep sand or when the gear was a little tall for the situation. After speaking with Rekluse, I switched to Rotella and run a little more oil. I rode this weekend, and although it was not my mission to try and make it chatter, it worked better than ever. Never heard it chatter once in about 25 miles of trails. I ran Amsoil 10w40 motorcycle specific before the switch the Rotella. I run about 150cc more oil. 900cc total.
  4. 9 oz works good for Mx. There was talk that factory Yamaha used the 9 oz weight during the last years of racing 250cc Mx.
  5. Wyatt

    Front number plate

    I did the '15 & up plastic conversion on my '06. For me, the best option was to use an '06 number plate. My graphics guy simply made '15 sides and 06 front. Fits perfect.
  6. Family man, curious as to why you switched. I am a firm believer in 927. It becomes a bit of a headache in cold temps as it can separate from low specific gravity race fuels, but its performance and protection are proven.
  7. Wyatt

    YZ125 countershaft bearing failure

    That's why I included that in my original post. I didn't want this to turn into a chain tension thread because it was not the issue. Yes, I am fully aware that a too much chain tension can stress that bearing, but it just wasn't a factor in this case. As I type this I believe the oil capacity is 660cc. I always measure and fill probably around 670 or so. (A little over the measure ). When you internet search the issue, a thread pops up on Vital (where I am not a posting member) where a guy claims this is a common issue. Searching here, I came up with no threads on it. I figured with the hundreds of people that visit here, it was worth asking if anyone has had this bearing fail. I am wondering if I should run slightly more oil. Maybe it was just bad luck, but I like to research a failure...especially one that costs this much $$. It's a machine..machines break, but this is a low hour bike to see this failure. So, before this turns into a tutorial on chain tension, I am only interested if anyone else has had what would seem like a premature failure of this bearing.
  8. Wyatt

    YZ125 countershaft bearing failure

    Read the original post.
  9. Has anyone else with a late model YZ125 experienced a countershaft bearing failure? I was curious as to how common, if at all common, it was. The bearing failed and took out transmission components and the engine case. It's not a good situation to be in with a low hour motorcycle. The chain always has proper tension and the transmission has always been full of fresh oil. I am not sure what caused a premature failure of this bearing.
  10. Wyatt

    YZ swingarm upgrade (left overs)

    BRM, when you get a new swingarm, run a bead of clear silicone under that slider when you install it. It will never wear then. I have seen swing arms ruined just as you mentioned. It is one of the first things I do to a new bike.
  11. Wyatt

    Screws on Carb stripped

    When I deal with very tight Phillips head type screws, I put a drop of valve grinding compound on the screw. This allows the screwdriver to grip the screw and not strip it. It works.
  12. I have the Rekluse core exp 3.0. Clutch pull and action is just like normal. If someone jumped on my bike and rode it, they probably wouldn't realize it was there. It is the best thing I have ever done to my bike as far as woods riding. Worth every penny.
  13. Wyatt

    FMF 2.1 USFS Approved

    I have never used a stock exhaust so I haven't had one around for years. The SA silencer I used before was a turbine core FMF. They are similar in diameter to a shorty style but are very long....longer than the new 2.1. The new 2.1 is shorter than the turbine core but is a greater diameter. It looks very similar to a 4 stroke muffler in size and shape. This exhaust performs as good or better than the turbine core and the size and shape look much better.
  14. Wyatt

    FMF 2.1 USFS Approved

    After much wait from back order, I installed my FMF 2.1 USFS approved silencer. With the gnarly pipe, 9 oz weight, vforce reeds, modified head, and a little lowering of the ports....this thing is a low end animal. I notice that it does go flat on top as compared to when I had it as a pure Mx bike, but it is a woods machine now.
  15. Wyatt

    Drilling holes in wiseco piston

    If the instructions say to drill it......drill it.