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  1. ok thanks all i will runn it the way it is untill fall then pull motor apart do rings reeds seals maybe boots. and i found out i have a 170 main in my bike and not the stock size which is a 172 or somthing like that
  2. works fine so should i go up or down in jetts
  3. i put a 55 in it and it had a 52 n it but it is still the same should i got bigger. and dose anyone have the clup position on the needle and what jets were stock or there using. i ride arowned the great lakes and i am hoping to fix this befor the next ride. it is a pwk carb of the w model. HELP plz this sucks.
  4. ok thanks ill try that and ill order 2 differnet size jet that are bigger.
  5. if you know what i should have or what the speck settings for the air mix screw are and the idol choke switch
  6. i will post what main jet i have in i think it is a 140 somthing butt ill pull the carb again. if i turn the screw all the way in it runs good but that cant be good for it. i dont know what the top end is like tho after i do it. i am in ontario and have a fmf power core silencer on it if that makes a differance
  7. i have a 1998 rm 125 and it runs fine in the powerband but if i crack it it dies. it falls flat on its face. i thought power valves but they are cean and work fine. it dosnt idol or nothing. i can keeep it going with throttle but i am tired of no bottom end and no idol. whats the settings for the air mix screw and can you plz help. thanks much areciated.