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  1. Im not familiar with all the clicks in out and the numbers and all that, anyone have a picture of where it is and what to do. I ammmm sooo confused after reading that website GD170
  2. Hey Guys I recently bought a 06 CRF450R, I love the bike but there is a big problem Im having, After I land a jump my bike likes to bounce off the ground again, Im not hitting anything to big, Only 65- 90 ft. Tables, Doubles etc. When I land it bounces me off of the foot pegs almost, I weigh 230 lbs and I think the supspension is stock and right now I don't have the money to change it, Is there anything I can do to adjust it right now making the front or back softer or stiffer to help from the bouncing effect, Wouldn't it help to stiffen it? Please help guys
  3. Well Saturday I was railing a berm and I dumped the clutch and I hear a loud SNAPPP! My first thought was dam it man, my bike just siezed or something because my back tire just locked. What had ended up being the problem is my back sprocket got ripped from the hub, I guess a bolt had came loose and started to wallow out the hole that the bolts go in that connect the sprocket to the hub and eventually it ripped the metal from all the torque? IDK, But I KNOW NOW that this is going to be a very expensive fix, I ended up having a cracked rim, busted hub, broken chain, half a sprocket and a chain guard that was ripped by the weld completely off of the swingarm. Anyways I was wondering where I can get a good deal on a whole rear wheel, I DON'T have alot of money because I recently had my hours cut at my job and still have a truck payment and house payment and is there any 450 wheels that will fit on my bike? IT IS A CRF 450R 2006
  4. Thats pretty much what I look like. Haha
  5. Ya im on Facebook, my name is Daniel Jares... I have alot of pics on there, I cant upload them from my droi onto thumpertalk
  6. I'm just wondering if I'm the only abnormally huge rider out there. I had a race last weekend and my friend filmed me, I am so tall I ride everything pretty much sitting down , the few times I did see myself standing I look like I was riding a tricycle. does anyone know what I could do to help me other than the triple clamps and lowering my foot pegs. it can't be normal to seat bounce huge triples and huge doubles and land sitting down
  7. Ive never done my own work but ITS TIME TO LEARN. lol
  8. every now and then you'll get a good smooth kick, so its the timing?
  9. I have road those 4 and 2 strokes all my life and never experienced anything like this
  10. well I got the bike last week, I traded him my cr 250 03, that was in rough shape and gave him 180 dollars. the bike needs a new spark plug, new tires, a new water pump seal, and the next biggest problem is the compression. the bike is very very hard to kick, if I push start it, as soon as I put it in first gear it locks up the back tire. I have to jump on the seat to get it to push off. the bike has recently had stage 2 hot cams put in, I don't know if this has something to do with it and it is also still running on the stock piston. any help here please? what would you do to the bike I dont have a lot of money but I will be racing it and need it ready. I'm sure I could use of valve adjustment as well. do you think I made a good trade???Thanks
  11. Good deal guys, I am feeling a little bit better today but still super sore
  12. Well, yesterday I was riding my 03 CR250 during practice. It started revving very high like the gas was turned off or gas was running out. well I thought I had enough gas to make this last double. I really got on the gas coming to the take off, when suddenly my bike started sputtering and died. my front wheel was in the air and my back tire was still on the face and I was in mid scrub on a double and my nose went straight down. I flew over the handlebars and the bike landed on top of me and kept flipping ...the foot peg went into my tricep. messed up my knees my side my lower back and my arm. was there anything I could have done to prevent this other than not ride on a empty tank? body position would not help in this case as I was scrubbing a double. anyways here I am laying in my bed in a lot of pain