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  1. Garr512

    CRF450X exhaust

    So if I continue to ride like I do now it won't shorten my valve life?
  2. Garr512

    CRF450X exhaust

    I really wanna make my bike sound good but I don't wanna screw my valves. I've been wanting to put a stock 450R can on my bike. Will that still mess with my valves?
  3. Check the risers. Especially if u took a fall hard onto the handlebars. I've bent the crap outta my risers and got two more. Now I just switch them out from time to time to keep the front end straight. Oh. And next time, fall the other way.
  4. Garr512

    Street legal

    Hey. I have a 2009 CRF450X and I'm wondering if it's possible to street legalize it in canada. Thanks.
  5. Garr512

    Valves reseat

    So I have had my bike put away since November. And idrk if I'm going to have to reseat the valves or adjust anything for the upcoming riding season.
  6. Garr512

    Crf450x exhaust swap.

    Is there any way to avoid the rejet?
  7. Garr512

    Crf450x exhaust swap.

    I want to buy a fmf 4.1 factory slip on but I don't want to do damage to the engine. Will the slip on affect the valves or anything else? Also, how much louder is a 4.1?