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  1. Blaz1

    2004 RM125 dies when warm

    Let us know what you figure out, I have the same year and have been having issues with the top end. Mine will idle for days but i can not get the damn thing to get rich on the top end. All my plug chops come up white. Checked for air leaks by spraying carb cleaner around ever nook on the engine and on the left side crank seal while it was running.. adjusted float height accordingly, cleaned seals and carb gasket,replaced reeds. put in a million richer jets (currently 470)way richer than stock and i have the needle on the bottom clip. Maybe it's just a faulty carb? idk how thats possible unless tolerances were worn out. could it be the stator like your issue? seems like my next move also
  2. Hey everyone, I am looking to get a lectron carb for my 04 125. I see them on ebay for a lot cheaper then on their site.. used of course and not with the correct throttle cable. but my question is can I get a regular 38mm lectron carb and then order the correct throttle cable from them? Thanks
  3. Hey guys, Looking for this exhaust valve for my 04 RM125, I ordered both this side and the other on motosport. But they said this side wouldn't be in for another month?! Any one know where I can get one sooner? I tried partzilla but they are about the same thing. Thanks! Any help is appreciated
  4. I'm in the hunt for a used 14 and have a couple i'm going to be looking at. Anything too watch out for with this year? i will check the normal stuff like swingarm bearings,steering stem, wheel bearings. Engine compression,for seals, make sure they shift through all the gears and what not.
  5. So i was riding yesterday in a corner track and was really being hard on the bike. The ruts were deep sand ruts and she was getting pretty hot. It started idling high. Probably a lean condition ( need to rejet it for cooler temps). and i noticed the bike was making a new sound and was much louder. I look back and the thing is shooting sparks out the back and the endcap had melted off. i was kinda freaked out because this has never happened to me before. But anyways is there a place online that would sell a endcap? I checked motosport and rockymoutain with no luck there. Basically have to buy a new silencer which isn't necessary in my case.
  6. Blaz1

    Clicker settings for the DEEP sand.

    I almost always do this settings. In dry sand ( this is from all the way hard on compression and reboubd) Forks: 4clicks out compression 4out on rebound Shock: 4 out on compression And 4 on rebound
  7. Blaz1

    06 125 revving out

    Okay so my 125 is acting really wierd. it runs fine in low end but when i get on the throttle and get it screaming it starts to like rev out and lose power. i would think maybe my main jet is too lean but i dont think that is the case because i plug chopped it and it looked tan like a brown paper lunch sack. what do you guys think it could be? I will get the numbers of my jets tomorrow. my elevation is 700ft temp is around 50-60's
  8. Okay so i bought my 06 125 a couple months and hadn't had a chance to ride it til the first harescramble race this weekend The bike supposedly has stock suspension and i believe it because it was soft as hell. I weight 185ILB's without gear. Anyways i race A class and the race was at a gnarly sand track... I got the shit beat out of me. the bike was everywhere. So my question to you guys is what spring rates do i need to get for my bike? i have read that the mx-tech and race tech calculators are crap and make the forks stiff and rear soft. I have my clickers dialed in to where i usually have them at this place so all i need i would think is the right springs. Age: 21 Weight: 185 Class: A Racing: Harescrambles I know theres probably a couple guys who can tell me what rates i need without the crappy calculators. So if you anyone wants to chime in that would be great!! Thanks!
  9. how do the new model xcw's compare to the older exc's? my ultimate goal is to get a newer 11-13 ktm xc-xcw
  10. haha no i didn't lose on the deal. trust me. Thanks for the advice though man . means a lot!
  11. Whats up fellow TT members. i am a new owner of a 04 KTM EXC. Traded it for a 2011 yz450 and 1000 on top. This thing is in incredible shape and is street legal. I am going to ride the bike today. And so far from what i have read is that the older ktms lacked in the handling and suspension department but are powerhouses motor wise. I test rode it yesterday and yeah she scoots. Nice smooth power though not like my old 07 yz250 that would hit hard haha. But anyways, what should i look at first with suspension? i race harescrambles, in Illinois and what i came up with on my 450 was to go all the way soft on the compression in the forks and about 12 clicks out on the rebouund and 8 clicks for the compression on the shock and 12 out for rebound. Now i realize im dealing with a whole new animal now and i have no prior experience with KTM. I've never sent my suspension off before to be revalved. But i can do all work myself like change seals and getting new springs. So whats best to start with? ride the thing and see how i like it and then think about getting it revalved and new springs for my weight? Or is the stock suspension good enough? I raced B last year and am moving up to A this year
  12. Blaz1

    04 KTM 250 exc?

    Seems like suspension is the biggest issue with this year. Would i need to put a flywheel weight in? I onow you guys said its down on power but just wondering if it would make it smoother power or something. I also like the fact that it has a head light and tail light. And uts street legal. Just wish i had the money to buy a newer model
  13. Blaz1

    04 KTM 250 exc?

    So is it a good bike stock though? Or does it need those mods done?
  14. Blaz1

    04 KTM 250 exc?

    Hey everyone, This is my first post in the ktm forum. i have always been a yamaha guy but i am ready for a change. i currently have a 2011 yz450f. I race harescrambles and i feel its sometimes to much for the tight stuff and not nimble enough. a guy wants to trade for his 04 ktm 250 exc and it is in immaculate shape. and he's going to add $1000 on top. What are your thoughts on the bike? anyone have experience with one? i had a 07 yz250 before and it was a hard running mofo and i didnt really like it but from what i have read so far the 04-07 ktm's were under powered up top but great down low for enduros and woods.
  15. My 450's intakes have been moving and i adjusted them twice and they keep tightening and almost zero'd out. It needs valves and probably the seats cut. Where do you guys send your head for them to be cut?