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  1. freshmeat

    Diesel 15/40 heavy duty motor oil

    I'm happy to see all the very good responses to this topic! =) I just changed my oil to Rotella-T 15/40, i think my xr500 will thank me in the long run.
  2. Just watched a guy using diesel 15/40 heavy duty motor oil in his xr650, whats your thoughts on that???
  3. freshmeat

    84 XR500r oil change issues :(

    Ok so i hit up Youtube and wolla look what i found! step by step oil change hope this helps knoobs like my self
  4. freshmeat

    84 XR500r oil change issues :(

    I'd say your wrong because there's NO top block filler cap to unscrew and just pure oil into the motor like most simple 250s, the oil enters from the frame into the motor, if there was I'd have no worries and would have no need for this post. Please i know there's lots of you good people on here that know what im talking about, and do your oil changes all the time, with me being a newbie to this sweet xr500 can you fill me in on this simple procedure, how i'm to get the oil into the motor???? do i kick her over a bunch of time to pump the oil into the case?
  5. freshmeat

    84 XR500r oil change issues :(

    help help help ive searched and no luck, am i suppose to kick it over a bunch to pump the oil from the frame to the block?????????????????
  6. freshmeat

    84 XR500r oil change issues :(

    lol well i did check for a xr500 section on here didnt see it so i figured i post it here, really hope someone can help me out as i want oil in my bike...
  7. Hi all im new to the forum and new to my big bad xr500, i just purchased my bike a day ago and in the proses of changing the oil, so i drain the frame oil, then the motor oil from the rain plug on the left side by the gear shifter, lots of dirty oil came out from both locations.. I proceed to fill the frame will oil with the thought the motor will fill at the same time? ??? but when i filled the fame it only took half of the amount i took out of both locations, with me seeing that i figured i better pull the drain bolt back off the block to make sure to see if there is oil reentering the block, after doing so very little oil drains out so at this point im like ***?????? am i missing something??? really hope someone can help this knoob out i know im missing something really simple here so im turning to you good people for HELP..