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    My Personal 01' 250 Experiences.

    Yeah, getting rid of the CR was probably one of the biggest mistakes of my life. Literally, I have not seen a cleaner 01 ever. But I sold it to a local friend for 1,650 and needed the cash at the time so I'm not complaining.
  2. After 2 years, I have ridden/owned 3 out of the 4 main Japanese bikes. I never intended to get all 01 250's, but I've been in the groove of selling/trading my bike to try out new ones. All my experiences are through medium pace/difficulty trail riding and hillclimbing. My first bike was my 01' YZ250 purchased for $1,050. Out of the 3, I felt this bike had the hardest hit and the most powerful motor. Suspension was good and the ergonomics were good. The plastics are a little outdated and looks like the oldest bike of the bunch. My favorite thing about this bike was the kick starter. It was short and thick. I felt that the shorter length allowed for a swifter/faster kick to start this thing really easily. Next I got my 01' CR250 for $1,350. Out of the 3, this was the cleanest bike I owned and probably one of the cleanest CR's in PA. To this day, I regret selling this bike to a friend because of how nice it really was. Power wise, the bike was excellent. I felt that the bike made better power down low over the YZ. The suspension for me was excellent. Plush enough for slow riding and firm enough to soak up the harder hits. Today I just got my 01' KX250 for $1,250. I spent around 2 hours on the bike so far and I'm just as happy with it as the other 2. This bike seems like it wants to be ringed out all the time. The power hits hard up top but I'm getting use to it. The suspension seems the stiffest of the 3 which is ok with me due to being on the heavier side. After this weekend, I can give a better update. Hope you all enjoyed reading my experience.

    YZ426F vs YZ450F

    Power wise they are probably going to feel comparable. But since I'm only riding tight woods, the 5-speed tranny sounds a ton better. Although I'm most likely going to just buy the bike that is in better shape. Tford, are parts for your 426 easy to acquire?

    YZ426F vs YZ450F

    I've been riding dirtbikes for close to 2 years now. I'd say my skill level through the woods and hill climbs on a good day is moderate. I'm capable of wheeling through puddles, hopping medium sized logs, and scaling some pretty rough hillclimbs. I'm roughly 6-6'1 and 240lbs. I've owned 250 2-strokes and I was able to handle them quite well after a few months without much issue so the big thumper shouldn't be much more of a challenge. I have around $1,500 for a used 426 or early year 450. I'm aware that the 426 is a 5-speed and the early 450's are a 4-speed so how substantial is that extra gear in the woods? Also from a few articles, people say the 03 450 is one of the most gnarly powered 450's made. Is this true? I have ridden a 426 a while back and compared to my yz250 it was wide at the knees and just felt a little heavy but I enjoyed the power delivery. How is the 03 compared to the 426 erganomics wise?
  5. Believe me, you're not the only "old school" buyer/seller. Everyone that sends me the "Hi I'd like to purchase your machine, give me your paypal information and address and my shipping carrier will pick it up" gets a good ol' &%$#@! you response. Honestly don't be suprised if you get the same responses. Although you could be the most honest person in the world, it just sounds like a scam to the person you want the bike from.

    Rebuild 2003 yz 250

    It truely is a small world. I bought an 01 cr250 that was barn freash from a guy in Lancaster, PA who was the second owner. Absolutely mint. Posted it on here to show off my new toy, and what do you know....The original owner from back in the day posted up what looked to be a poleroid photo of the bike in his truck and messaged me to buy it back. Back on topic, PowerSeal USA does an excellent job on replating cylinders. I had them do my 01 yz and it cost me $200 flat. They also refurbish(paint) the outside so the cylinder looks brand spanking new.
  7. Don't know how many times these videos have been posted, but hands down these two videos are my favorite MX edits on youtube. I'd love to see others posted if you guys have any videos in mind. Personally I like 1 better than 2. Watch in HD if possibly. The frame rates are truely amazing. (If the links do not work, click the "Watch on youtube" button in the video bar.
  8. Same weight, height, and experience level when I purchased my 01 yz250. I took it slow, got use to the bike and survived. Plenty of unused power on tap, even with my fat ass on it.

    most reliable 450 engine

    Yamaha as well for me. They may not be the "best" in their class, but for some reason they just never fall apart. Granted it seems every Yamaha 450 has a slight top end knock but it doesn't seem to phase them.
  10. ZGILBERT93

    newbe top end time.. help please

    International shipping is going to be a bitch either way, so pick your poison. I went with a wiseco top end kit for my 250 rebuild and ran the absolute piss out of that bike. Haven't had a single problem. Tools wise, you'll need your standard hand tools and maybe some special tools. Things like socket wrenches, cresent wrenches (mm), allen keys, needle nose plyers (circlips). Special tools being a bore reader or maybe honing beads. As for your bike being loud and etchy, have you checked your silencer? Possibly you need to repack it. I know my 250 sounded horrible until I repaced the pipe.
  11. So does anyone know for sure if we are able to take our machines out for a spin on public roads/highways now that we are in a State of Emergency? I'd love to be able to take the raptor to work On the downside, I think our local city hall is closed so I wouldn't be able to call and ask.
  12. ZGILBERT93

    Banshee thoughts

    In my area, a banshee is a banshee. No matter what mods or condition these damn things are expensive. 95' and up are pretty much around $3,000. A 4mil stroker kit is probably the number one mod I have on my list for my shee. My personal opinion I wouldn't consider a stroker kit a downgrade. Just keep the receipts.Here's my 87' I picked up for $1,200. Bored .40 with a mild port job. So the man says, but it certianly doesn't feel or sound stock.
  13. ZGILBERT93

    How should i mellow out my 250sx?

    Not that I have any room to talk (I'm fat), but maybe hit the gym more. That would probably be the best.
  14. ZGILBERT93

    seized engine

    I'm going out on a limb here and saying your "friend" is actually you. In the future, save yourself the money and rebuild the top end yourself. For under $350 you could have yourself a new plated cylinder from Powerseal and a new top end kit. I thought the hardest part of a top end job was setting the cylinder down onto the rings and new piston without the rings moving out of place. And since you are only running a single ring you really wont have to worry as much about this problem.
  15. ZGILBERT93

    Cherry 01' 250

    Ehh I'm not sure I want to put any money into her yet. The original owner from back in the day offered me a fair amount. I need to sit on this one and think it out.