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  1. paullywog

    o5 yz450?

    Sorry im new and i am a bad speller/writer sorry please bare with I have a 05 yz450 and ive had some probs a while back it died and has been a bitch, but ive done the carb, valves. it runs good till its warm 10 mins of riding it is hard to start it is hit and miss i think its something elictrical or something it will fire right up when its cold.any ideas i was told if the stator was bad it would not run at all? help i want to ride please!!!!!!!!
  2. paullywog

    Cdi ?

    Sorry I suck at the spelling i drive a tractor and scrap metal for a living and im new to the forums but the bike shop said cdi, coil same thing right? the shop told me if the stator was bad it would not just stop most likely? but i would like to check any thing i can loose connection? were should i start and how?
  3. paullywog

    Cdi ?

    it runs good for 20 min it gets hot and is hit and miss do wires get loose some were
  4. paullywog

    Cdi ?

    i got a 05 yz450f it has been giving me shit im down to the cdi i live i the boonies there are lots of trails i want to ride. so my buddy has a 426 is the cdi the same? and if not what is a good brand to get im not a racer jump and trails are my thing so what should i get i dont like the sound of the racing cdi's cuz the rpms (dont wANT TO BLOW IT) so i se them on ebay but i read about people getting bad ones help me please
  5. paullywog

    Cdi ?

    hi i got a 05 yz450f with a White Bros carbon pipe i read on this forum about some one with the same kind of probs but hear i go. got the bike it ran good for a few days and then it died befor i hit a 75 foot step down (it hurt)and it sounded like the carb. went trought it real good cheched the vales there good i had it runnig the other day pretty good after it was hot it just did not want to start it was firing but just didnt start got tiered came back next day and it fires right up it has a 45 piolet jet 168 main if i get the jd jettingkit will it in clude the stuff to fix it i live at 2600ft elv i just want it to run right i wish i could check compression i would but it has a automatic compression release please help