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  1. Why would you bother to have a bike idle a long time? My 200 with choke/enrichener up it idles up fast so I drop and lift a couple times while blipping throttle when it responds crisply I ride. I don't run it wide open right away but I ride it.
  2. My 08 Ford van with flat screen tv, fold down bed made from a ATV ramp, room for two bikes.
  3. Why did dealer say splitting cases was big bucks. I took my motor without cylinder to my dealer they charge $50 to split. Not that pricey. Hope they can get you fixed up on the cheap.
  4. Put lower end back into frame after main bearings and new rod put in. Did all I could while still waiting for re-plated cylinder to return Monday. Including new sprocket, bleeding the clutch, greasing wheel bearings. Then did a few rides on my sons Yamaha WR250, much prefer my KTM 200 handling over the 250, but it was fun still.
  5. I have an 07 200 XC but here are my settings for trails and woods Forks Comp 26 ccw, Rebound 13 CCW, preload 2 1/2 turns cw from out all the way. The shock Static sag 35mm Laden 100mm LS Comp 14CCW from seated and the Rebound 27 CCW. HS Comp 1 1/2 turns CW. Hope this helps. I have reducing compression all summer until I got what I think is a good feel. Bruce
  6. If it were me I would buy a KTM250xc 2007 or newer. Simply simple and fantastic bike.
  7. Your right went to a #70 leak jet and it got even better. Gonna leave her there until my son comes home and see what he thinks. Its a far cry from where it was when I got the bike.
  8. Excuse my response, I am a newbie on this forum but not to bikes of both 4stk and 2 stk. And I have been able to get old LC4 KTM's and newer KTM's 4 stroke to respond to instant twist of the throttle, and every time on a 2 stroke. I would have to disagree that you must roll on the throttle. Although that is the most practical way to be riding a bike.
  9. For what its worth I just bought a 03 250 WR and it exhibited a stumble off idle and a bog issue. I had to go from a #40 pilot to #42 (I had the fuel screw 3 plus turns out with the #40). Adjusted the A/P screw until I had just the right amount of clearance so the squirt just clears the slide when you blip the throttle. Still not the best IMO. Today went to a #80 from a #90 leak jet, and then turned the fuel screw in cw 1/4 turn, this made the best improvement to date. Can now loft the bike over an obstacle with a blip of the throttle off idle, and no stumble. It was interesting to see that a 1/4 CW on the A/P timing screw could make it worse, I assume the squirt was too sudden for the slide to open. I ride 2 stks so this has been a fun learning experience.
  10. Try putting in gear with engine off pull in clutch and rock the bike forward and backward several times. I have had to do this on some bikes for some reason. Especially if they sat a while.
  11. Could not copy the link but just go to BB, search OEM parts make, model yr etc. Then look in sub category frame and its item 44 #1218210 for $13.32 Bruce
  12. Just went to BB and got one coming thanks again.
  13. Just curious what do I need to remove the plug? A friend has a YZ and has a double jointed wrench. Looks like the only way to get in there. A straight 4,5 or 6 inch 16mm just will not get into the head will it? Do I need to get a Yamaha tool? Thanks Bruce
  14. Happened to me just the other day but it was out too far, my fault. So as I was testing different settings I put a dab of grease in the recess, that would stop it from falling completely out. Ended up with a bigger pilot and 2.5 turns out, was fine then, but still have cavity filled with grease JIC.