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  1. kcater

    Honda CRF 150RB

    Thanks for all of your advice/help! Hopefully I'll be able to ride the new bike before the snow flies :-)
  2. kcater

    Honda CRF 150RB

    I am a relatively new rider (learned just over a year ago) and started riding on a TTR-125LE. The TTR was great at first but over the summer I rode a lot and improved quickly. I am looking at moving up to a Honda CRF150 RB but am a little concerned about not having the E start button :-). I am planning on racing in a couple enduros and am in need of a bike that can handle steep hills and big rocks. Anyone ride a CRF 150R? Thanks for any advice!
  3. kcater

    KTM 105 SX a step up?

    Anyone ride a KTM 105? I currently ride a TTR-125LE and am looking for a bike with a little more power. Perhaps this bike is it? I mostly ride single track trails but am looking into entering a couple Hare scrambles next summer. I am 5'5'' and weigh about 130 lbs. Thanks for any input you have :-)