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  1. so i bought an Xr100 for my gf to ride. only problems is i bought it from the brother of the deceased owner. when i went to the dmv i told them this and they said i need the deceased mans info and death certificate in order to register it .... how in the hell do they expect you to be able to do this everytime someone purchases a bike from the family of a deceased person... any tips?
  2. man i wanna steal your graphix. those are so nice. you also cut the number plates?
  3. id rebuild top end right after i got it if it was mine. clutches are really easy its just time and patience like everything else. but over all youd be trading for a newer faster(NON HONDA) bike:) thats just my opinion hopefully someone else will chime in
  4. replaced an oil seal and collar,new chain and sprockets and cleaned the carb
  5. thats a cool roost cam lol id be afraid to take it off with a tree.
  6. never heard of him lol i have a nac for not remembering the names of stupid people u should write them they normally have a section of readers comments lol
  7. i almost went lol judging by the first corner im glad i didnt haha
  8. when i start my 2000 125 it starts idling really fast then sort of settles down but it just randomly starts increasing.... it never gets up to high but it worries me. i tried to adjust the idle speed and air mixture but its right on where its at. could this be my air filter or do i need to work on jetting?
  9. or just pop the clutch cable off and unscrew the bolt on the side of the stem where the actuator arm rises out of the cover and just pull up on the shaft a lil bit and it should be able to pop off.
  10. do you have larger sizes of these 2? id like to use that first one as a wallpaper! with your permission of course lololololol
  11. i went to slc for supercross and the traffic doesnt seem as bad as it is here. California is the mecca for stupid drivers. The weather was pretty weird tho went from 27 and snowing to 40's and sunny, that will take some getting used to but im definatly lookin forward to the riding id basically be 3 hours from anywhere i could ever want to go!
  12. yea iv seen alot of really bad ass trails in moab!! iv only got a yz125 at the moment so the smokers all year is awesome
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