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  1. Poopmonkey

    Wanted: helmet lock for drz 400 sm

    I'll definitely check that out, thanks. How is kroil different from WD-40?
  2. Please don't flame me if this is in the wrong place. I had posted in parts classifieds and someone suggested I might have better luck coming here and asking my peeps directly, so... I bought my 2008 Suzuki DRZ 400 SM used, and the bike came with only one key (ignition). Unfortunately, that key doesn't seem to work for the helmet lock I have, and I'd like to be able to lock my helmet to the bike. I would like to swap in a helmet lock that works—OEM preferred. Before I go aftermarket or buy a new OEM one, I am wondering if any of you have a lock/key combo you might be willing to part with. I know the helmet lock is one of the first things to go when people put their DRZs on diets... I'm not sure if yours is paired to the ignition key, but if it's not or if you have a spare key you're willing to part with, I'd love to take the assembly off your hands. Any takers? Thanks, Annie
  3. Poopmonkey

    White DRZ, Modified and ready for houliganism(?)

    Beautiful rim stripes! My white DRZ might need some. Where'd you get them?
  4. Poopmonkey

    Hardwiring my Zumo to my DR-Z

    I have a 2008 DR-Z 400SM and a Garmin Zumo 660. The GPS is used and has crap battery life, so I’m trying to hardwire the Zumo to use the bike’s power. My boyfriend is helping, and we’re stumped. From him: We already have some 16 gauge stranded wire, a blade-type weatherproof fuse holder, 2A fuses and the Garmin GPS mount. The question is how best to wire it up. Here’s the process we were thinking of: • Wrap one lead wire of fuse holder around DRZ’s positive battery screw terminal and screw it down. (Or should we use a crimped lug rather than wrapping the wire directly?) • Solder sufficient wire to the other lead to reach the mount (plus a little slack) • Use heat shrink to protect the solder connection • Wrap heat shrink in electrical tape to keep it sealed • Wrap one lead of the negative GPS wire around the negative terminal and screw down • Route wires along the bike somehow – this is the biggest challenge • Solder, heat shrink & tape at the GPS mount • Install fuse What is the best way to route the wires along the bike? How should they be protected? It looks like there are a lot of hot and sharp components along the route. Does the gas tank need to come off to do this? Is there an easier way to do this on the DR-Z than what we’re thinking? We haven’t found anything better by searching. We looked at using a t-tap, but were concerned about reliability.
  5. Poopmonkey

    DRZ SM downshifts into neutral

    Thanks for the tips, guys. I'll work on shifting with authority!
  6. Poopmonkey

    DRZ SM downshifts into neutral

    Did you ever get a response about this? I'm just getting to know my '08 SM and have found myself in neutral at unexpected times, but I attribute that to being a n00b. Most of my mis-steps have happened at pretty low speed. Your scenario makes me a bit more nervous and I'd like to avoid it if possible!