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  1. Renots

    Plastics for a 2006 CRF450r

    curious about this too, i have a 06 as well
  2. Renots

    2006 crf450r won't run without choke on

    Lol too late! Wish I knew this before oh well that's where my small leak is commin from then, an I finally got it to run enough to please me for the day. I am gonna take it all apart an clean the crap out of it, any recommendations on how to remove the varnish? I turned the fuel screw out just a little more from where it was at an it got better so I'm goin in the rite direction, I figure it needed more fuel cause of smaller jet so turned it little by little an it actually starts first kick an no choke Thanks for all the help guys, I would've just sent it to the dealer an paid out the ass in repairs, altho I did call hb Honda today an they said 135 to completely clean an tune the carb but I'm sure it will be more cause it's the dealer haha
  3. Renots

    2006 crf450r won't run without choke on

    Ok new pilot jet is in, new air filter an new gas it still doin the same thing!! I started it with the choke on an it fired first kick, Let it idle for a few mins an turned choke off an it died. I figured it might need to be cleaned out so I took it down the street just enough to keep it goin an still dies when I shift. Wouldn't start with choke on this time but acted the same other wise, I'm so lost...it ran great when parked, started it one day as I always do to keep things lubed up an this is where I'm at today. Could it be valves maybe?
  4. Renots

    03 kx 500 engine in an 04 crf 450 frame????

    First off does the frame have a title? If not get the vin an call the DMV to see if it's stolen, if all good then I say go for it! I'm not a fan of mismatching parts from company to company but if it get you riding then bonus for you. Good luck an let us kno how it turns out!!
  5. Renots

    2006 crf450r won't run without choke on

    Ok got a new pilot jet (slow jet according to Honda) an the new one is a 38, according to the guys at the Honda dealer they say it's a 38, but I pulled a 42 out of it. I didn't kno what size it was cause I thought the number was on top of the jet which I boogered up tryin to get it out, it's actually on the side of the jet an was buried under crud. My question is, should I exchange the 38 For a 42 or just put the 38 in? I think the jet will make it run lean, am I correct? I really just want to get it running for now since I'm not gonna be riding it for a while (red stickered). What do you guys think? Thanks in advance
  6. Renots

    Honda CT70 Question

    Here you go. I used to have a ct70 as well an got some stuff from these guys there very helpful in finding parts http://www.hondaminitrail.com/ct70.html
  7. Renots

    2006 crf450r won't run without choke on

    Pulled the pilot jet out an it was clogged in the middle, it was in there so tight I ended up screwin up the jet. Thought I wasn't gonna get it out but I did!! I'll kno tomorrow if it's back to normal. Thanks again for the help guys!!
  8. Renots

    2006 crf450r won't run without choke on

    I'll look an see what size is stock on my bike an replace it, I'll get back to y'all with an update I do so...thanks again guys :thumbup:
  9. Renots

    2006 crf450r won't run without choke on

    Thanks for the help!! Is this a common problem for a clogged pilot? Never had this happen before on my cr250, I pulled this carb out an was like dam this thing is huge compared to all the other toys I've had haha
  10. Renots

    2006 crf450r won't run without choke on

    I didn't take it completely apart but enough to inspect the jets an they all seem to be fine, sprayed carb cleaner thru all them an had no blockage in any. the needle jet did have a Lil crud on it, Cleaned it off an no different. I looked at the hot start cable an it don't seem to be hung up on anything, back in 06 I took a nasty crash thru some whoops an it peeled the rubber off the cable but didn't effect it at all, I've ridden It like that since an no problems.
  11. Renots

    2006 crf450r won't run without choke on

    If y'all have any questions about anything just ask, the more info I can give the better off we will all be in helpin me lol
  12. What's up everyone? Sorry for makin this my first post but this problem has been killin me the last few months an I cant figure it out. my 06 450 will only run with the choke on, if I turn it off the bike will run only if I keep the throttle open some but will backfire an run like crap other then that it will die. I have cleaned the carb an inspected all the jets an don't see any blockage or anything that could hinder the fuel from goin thru a jet, I have not removed the jets in fear of makin my problem worse lol so yea if someone can steer me in the rite direction it would be awesome! The bike did sit for 2 years an ran great when parked, I didn't even attempt to start it with old gas or oil or plug, I changed all that before I tried. The plug is if I remember correctly an ngk iridium? It was 15 bucks an cycle parts west an the only plug they had for the 450 at that time. I did everything I would normally do before a season of riding an no problems til now. Btw bike is completely stock no performance mods at all just werks connection skid plate an radiator savers...that's it