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  1. Bastien

    Frustrated Jumping! Help Please!

    Thanks for everyone's great comments. I have made much improvement not throwing the bike forward in the air and i'm getting use to leaning forward to bring the nose down. Practise practise. Still stuff it up at race pace but I'll get there Another race this weekend cant wait
  2. Bastien

    Frustrated Jumping! Help Please!

    This track looks awesome!!! Where is it? I may have to come visit America!!
  3. Bastien

    Frustrated Jumping! Help Please!

    Also here is a link to a video so you can see the problems in motion
  4. Bastien

    Frustrated Jumping! Help Please!

    Here you can see how far back I am on a little double jump. The bike position is pretty good but I'm soo far back. I think I'm way more forward now so I'll send some more pics soon.
  5. Bastien

    Frustrated Jumping! Help Please!

    mmmm how to upload a photo....
  6. Bastien

    Frustrated Jumping! Help Please!

    Hi Guys, Thanks again for all the feed back and sorry for the late reply. I have made some progress and the answer seemed to be no putting any wait downwards on the bars and losening up a bit. I've also moved my body position quite a bit forward which took some time to get use to. I still stuff it up now and again but I'm getting much better. In terms of how did I get second in C grade? Not sure I'm pretty quick on the corners and to be honest flying thru the air rear wheel down doesnt seem to affect my speed much it just doesnt feel comfortable and my mates tease the crap out of me ha ha. Not sure about California I'm from Melbourne Australia and came second in a race @ Geelong www.gmcc.net.au None of the C grade guys here can whip here well not in a race anyway. In terms of the times the A grade guys run about 1:28 and I run about 1:39 to start with ha ha... Anyway back to the jumping I have dicovered a few other things when the jump face has less transition or less curve it seems to make the problem worse. I have made big progress on these types of jumps by moving well forward on the bike. keeping weight off the bars and a more neutral throttle. Here are some pics of me jumping before I made the changes so you guys can tell me all the things I'm doing wrong .
  7. Bastien

    Frustrated Jumping! Help Please!

    Thanks Tye! I weigh 75kg and run 100 sag So when I hit face of the jump and the bike tries to push up on my arms to change its angle should I let the bike come up under my arms or keep my body rigid so my body is always 90 to the jump face? I will try and get a photo this weekend hitting a few diferent jumps Thanks Tye!
  8. Bastien

    Frustrated Jumping! Help Please!

    Hi Guys, Thanks for the tips. I ride a CRF250R 2011 model with the suspension setup buy a few guys on the track. I think the suspension is ok as you guys mentioned if I sit down all goes well. I think maybe I am putting to much pressure on the bars. From memory I drive them into the jump face so the weight split might be 70 - 30 maybe that is the clue!! Also my mate tells me that when I'm flying thru the air I straighten my arms. He said it looks like I'm trying to move away from the bars and my butt is over the rear fender when the bike flies ok so that might be another clue? The jump faces vary from realy curved kicky jumps which I seem to handle better to very high but flat faces which really seem to send me nose up. I'm normally hard on the throttle as I leave the jump face which seems to make me feel more comfortable with ruts, edges etc on the face that might kick me. Looking forward to trying the no weight on the handle bars thing when I head out tomorrow. I will also try and preload as I hit the ramp and instead of full throttle before and during take off I'll try and roll it or bleep it to full. MIght even try increasing rebound a few clicks.
  9. Hey Guys, I'm getting pretty good cutting laps on the bike now and came second in a C grade race so getting there slowly... but I have a stupid annoying problem jumping. Every jump I do no matter how far forward I lean on the up ramp my bike flies front wheel up through the air. Personally it doesn't really bother me that much until I do uphill jumps where the handle bars become more of a periscope looking device than handle bars. I have never looped it out but I just can't seem to get the take off right to arc thru the air... I know how to hit the rear break in the air and lean forward but all my mates seem to just gracefully fly in an arc with the front up then without input from them arc downward. When I sit down to preload a jump the bike flies perfectly in an arc but I can't seat bounce everything as it's make me slow down to much to prevent over jumping. I'm pretty sure my weight is centred and my head over the bars.... just cant figure it out and hitting the rear brake and leaning forward sometimes still isn't enough to bring it down. Plus it sucks having my mates tell me I jump like a retard.... Please help TT guys
  10. Hi Everyone, Figured I would come ask the pro's who always guide me in the right direction. I have a CRF250R 2011 and just got an Akropovic Exhaust for it. I am told I now need to re-mapp the ECU with a PGM-FI programmer to realy get the most out of it. Wondering if anyone knows of a place in Melbourne or Australia this can be done? I have found lots of guys that perform this service on the stock ECU for extra HP for as little as $50 in America on the other hand I cant find anyone in Australia that does this. Peter Stevens didnt even know what I was talking about?? I don't want to spend the 380 dollars on a kit I will only use once. One awesome guy will let me post mine to America then send it back to me but that will be at least 10 days if not more of 0 ridding which isnt cool at all. Hopeing one of you know someone that provides this service in Melbourne. Thanks again guys
  11. Thanks so much guys. Looks like it's going to be windy here in Melbourne Australia on Friday so I'm going to try use the technices you have mentioned. Once again thanks for your help. I love this site! Cheer
  12. Hey Everyone, Thought I would come and ask my favorite crowd of riders for some advice. I'm having a really hard time down here in OZ as November and December are always really windy which is reaking havock on my jumping Problem is when I jump it feels like the wheels are being swept away from under me. My body stays upright but the bike say the top leans into the wind and the wheels get blown out from under me. I've nearly crashed a few time landing with the bike on a solid angle. feels like you are going to hit the deck shoulder first. Any advice would be soooo apreciated. Its getting to the point I just cant jump if there is any wind Thanks in advance guys Cheers
  13. Hi Guys, Its that great time that happens every 2 years where I can renew my bike! Ah that feeling of wheeling out of the bike shop all shinny and new! My mouth is watering at the thought which brings me to my question. I learnt to ride on Yamahas then switched to Honda 2 years ago. Its been a great bike and now when I jump on my mates 2011 YZ it feels oh so strange like the front wheel is a mile in front of me but ont he CR its tucked up all nice and safe with plenty of feel and grip. I then recently had a sit on a KTM 250 SXF at the shop and liked the look and feel not to mention the special finance the bike shop owner is offering 5.99%!! Has anyone steped from a CR to a KTM, what is the feel of the bike like? How long did it take you to aclimatise to the bike and this is hoping what did your lap times do? Does it feel similar to ride compared to its Japanese counter parts? I ride at a lot of MX tracks everything from sandy loam MX to hardpack SX. I weigh in at 73KGs and am about 6 feet tall and I'd say I'm intermediate in my riding ability with a 2nd @ the races last race Thanks so much for any advice anyone has got Cheers
  14. Bastien

    Over Grip Terror!

    Wow Gary thanks so much! I can't belive you have personally checked my post and replied! The information is priceless! You're an absolute ledgend in the sport sitting here with a massive grin that you have personally helped me a real super star! I cant wait to get out to the track and practice practice practice! I just sat on my bike and see what you mean with the grip postion and not needing to move the elbow around much to hit full gas. I only joined this site yesterday or was it the day before and really really stoked great site with heaps of amazing people helping each other out. sick as ;P See you all on the track!
  15. Bastien

    New To Mx

    Welcome to the sport champ you will have a blast! Get ready to be addicted to the sport for the rest of your life and spend some big $$ ha ha well worth it tho. I would suggest if you are really new to get few say 3 months riding experience in so you are not a complete newbie and then sign up for a riding school. I went from back of the pack to coming 3rd in C grade after a school I did a long time ago. The schools are great fun, you'll meet heaps of cool people and you'll get teh right training to get it right the first time!