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    paraplegic rider

    But its the challenge that makes it so much fun! Don't make the mistake that I made. It took me along time to come out of my shell and try challenging things.
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    paraplegic rider

    Yes Swiss I have been working on a couple of ideas myself along those lines. But the bottom line is that you need someone to be able to pick you up if you fall. Its kind of like trials riding though. Once you find your balancing point it makes life alot easier. You have to remember that Doug Henry is a T12 I believe so he has all his abdominal muscles at his use. That makes a huge difference when balancing and riding and finding a tree or wall to lean against. I was actually quite suprised how stable I felt on the bike with no use of my abs. I use an abdominal binder for support and that does help somewhat. I thought about modifying one of those bicycle stands that you put your front tire into to hold your bike up. It solves the problem of stopping but not starting! Ideally you would need to create some type of docking station that you would be able to somehow release when ready to take off. In all honesty at this point in time I am just totally stoked that I can ride again! All three of my boys ride motocross and its like a dream come true for me to be able to ride with them. That is one thing that I never thought would happen in my life time! Have you seen the out riggers that Lee Beaver designed for his road bike? I thought I was crazy but he definately needs electroshock therapy! Smart guy though. Something like that would work but when you are dealing with dirt and unlevel ground versus tar it becomes a whole new challenge. I am sure that someone will figure something out. Actually my next endeavor is a road bike with the out riggers. Now that should be fun!
  3. Pararider

    paraplegic rider

    Here is the link showing my first ride. FXC3700 it has been 25 years since I was in the hospital. I did my 90 day stay at New England Regional Spinal Cord Center in Boston in 1986. The technology has changed tremendously since I was injured. My advice would be to try anything and everything you can. Don't be afraid of failure. Sounds easy typing it but you will never know until you try. I was told that I would never be able to have kids and 4 years later my wife gave birth to triplets. You are going to find out who your real friends are very quickly! Use them as your support mechanism and don't be so quick to judge the ones that stay away because deep down inside they may think that this could happen to them. Quadriplegia presents a different set of problems than being a para...obviously. All the hospital does is stabilize you. You heal far better when you are in your own home environment so try to get out of the hospital ASAP. And most importantly ignore people that stare at you when you first go out in public. I could tell you stories that would bend your ear about how I was treated right after my injury. Screw them! You have more courage in your left pinkie them most of them have in their whole body! One last thing and I wish I did this but I was so involved with trying to get better I ignored the opportunity to keep a diary. If you can't write then have someone do it for you or you can buy a program called Dragon that converts your spoken words into writing on a laptop or PC. Years later you will look back and see how gloomy you felt and then how much you have accomplished since then. And it could be just being able to feed yourself etc without anyone's help. And you are allowed to have as many bad days as you want. You need to be selfish and take care of yourself first. Don't ever be afraid to ask for help. And its ok to get mad. Get mad as hell! Use that energy to motivate yourself. Take Care.
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    paraplegic rider

    Hi all. Just registered as a new user here. I am a T7 para injured in a car accident 25 years ago. I am 46 now. Found out about being able to ride again last year after stumbling on Ricky James Youtube video. His dad helped me out a great deal with the setup of my bike. I have a 2006 CRF250X setup with nerf bars, foot trays, adapted kart racing seat, relocated rear brake lever and Rekluse Clutch setup. I had Brad from Parapros setup the nerf bars and seat and they were a direct bolt in. It literally too ME 45 minutes to install. Brad's craftmanship is second to none! It would have taken me many many hours to fabricate. Working on the Klicktronic shifter next so I am still stuck in 2nd and or 3rd gear. I rode dirt bikes since age 7 and it was the hardest thing I ever had to do was selling my dirt bikes after my car accident but after watching Ricky James ride I figured that if he can do it so could I. Was worried about my age because most of you guys are in your 20s or teens and you can bounce back fairly quick. At my age things stay broken for alot longer! I am into this build for about $5500 including the bike but it was worth every penny of it to get back on two wheels again! I also ride a Honda TRX 450 ER but there is nothing like the feel of two wheels. My first ride was a little shaky at first but after about 20 minutes it started feeling pretty good considering I have no stomach muscles, which was my main concern. So after about three months now I ride at a local track and am getting back my confidence and figuring out what I can and can't do. My advice to anyone trying it is to build the bike and get on it and go. Screw the training wheel concept. I gaurantee you that you will not need them once you get momentum. Its just like riding a bicycle....you never really forget! Don't be distracted by nay sayers that say it can't be done. Just get two pretty strong people to help you on the bike and push you off. Second gear worked really well for me. First time catching you can be a little unnerving but after a couple of times you will get the hang of it. Now get out there and do it. Then come back and tells us how it went! Good Luck. Remember...you are only limited to what your mind tells you. Keep positive and don't let it psych you out. Hell you made it through spinal cord injury....this is a freaken cake walk compared to that hospital stay.