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  1. Okay, I'll give it a try with a push start, think this might work. I'm away for a few weeks so wont be able to do it till I'm back. Valve clearances are good and seen as it was running perfectly before the coil went and very easy to start, I imagine it's something to do with this. I'll let you know what happens. Thanks
  2. Thanks for the replys, I got the coil from They've sent the right one now but although it sparks with the plug out it wont start. The coil looks pretty cheap. I'm sure everything else is fine because it was running perfectly before the HT lead broke, very annoying. I did look on ebay but there were none in the UK.
  3. So just as I got the bike running well the ignition coil went, well more accurately the HT lead but all part of the same thing, I ordered a new one but they've sent a different one, my bikes a 1989. The one they've sent only has one connector on the back but two bolt holes, maybe for a different model. The resistance readings are also different. My question is , is there any way I can make this work with my bike? It's just I can't find the right coil in the UK.
  4. Carbs been rebuilt and cleaned and runs a treat now (with standard jets, 152 main), I've ordered a 158 main just because I'd rather it ran a bit rich than lean. Thanks again.
  5. Thanks for that. It still wasn't running right when the main jet came on so I took the carb apart again and found it was running a 165 main. I'm thinking this is the problem with a stock filter and exhaust so bought a carb rebuild kit from nrp today, also got the acv valve. Thanks for the number. They were very helpful.
  6. Thanks, that guys info would still be good because the Air-cutoff valve has gone pretty hard in places from the superglue so can't imagine it'll last too long.
  7. Right, it's sorted, the thorough carb clean did the trick I think, when putting it back together I noticed that the washer and o ring that should be on the end of the mixture screw (according to the service manual) aren't there though. Is this an issue? Absolute beast of a bike though, thanks very much for the help.
  8. Yeah, checked petcock and took cap off and checked the fuel flowed freely, I'll drain all the petrol and check whats in the tank, put the carb back together and give it another try tomorrow. That email address would be great, can't find one anywhere in the UK. The superglue seems to have worked but as you say, no idea what will happen with petrol on it. Thanks.
  9. Thanks for the replies, so I replaced the plug today, got a much better spark but still got the same problem so took the carb out and cleaned it properly, wire through all the holes and everything sprayed out, it had a lot of black flakes in the bowl so they could have been a problem but also there's a small pinhole in the diaphram off the side. Is this likely to cause this sort of problem? I think it will take quite a while to get a replacement so would it be okay to put superglue on the hole and see if it works, then replace it at a later date?
  10. I know carbs have been talked bout no end but I've read through most of it and still not really sure what to do. I bought an 1989 xr which hasn't been run for three years. Replaced the stator today and cleaned the carb and got it started. It idles very nicely and revs fine at low revs but as the revs increase it bogs down and ultimately cuts out. The plugs fairly black so I think it could be running rich (could be because I thought the choke worked the opposite way and ws running at on full choke for quite a while though...duh). What do you reckon? I'm not sure whether I should change needle height because it's on the 3rd groove and this is where it obviously ran fine before. I have not set up the pilot screw properly but I think it's roughly right and surely wouldn't have this much effect. Could float height be wrong and if so how do I check? Thanks.
  11. Thanks for the replies, like the idea of the TV screen, might give that a try haha. Yeah, the bikes got no battery so that kind of makes sense. I'm wondering which one to plug in to the blue wire on my loom though. I got the multimeter out today to see if I could work it out looking at the resistances but hasn't helped. Both the green and yellow/white have male connectors and I think are both earths because there is no resistance. The yellow and pink ones on the other hand are female connectors but both seem to have infinite resistance between them and earth yet no resistance between themselves. Completely confused now. I was hoping to get it sorted over the weekend but I think I'll have to wait till electrex open on Monday and give them a ring unless anyone knows.
  12. Okay, so I got my new stator today from electrex. My bike an 89 xr600 and originally had the smaller stator with 5 coils however the person I spoke to from electrex seemed think the bigger one would be fine. Does anyone know what the five wires do? I've got the black/red one from the exciter coils and a green one which I think is an earth. No idea about the other three though and don't know which one to plug in to the blue wire for lights. The other three are pink, yellow and yellow/white. Anyone got any ideas?
  13. Thanks for the replies. I've rewound the exciter coil myself just to check that was the problem, still going to buy a new one because the other coils have had it. Kicked the bike over and got a spark, yey! It's pretty weak though. The exciter coils now got 300 ohms resistance but checked the coil and that's about 4k ohms, I've got a spare one which is the same but I thought they were supposed to be 7-11 k ohms. Do you reckon I need a new coil or have I just done the stator badly?
  14. I've got an xr600 with no spark and after hearing the stator was often the weak link I took a resistance reading of the exciter cord and it was 550 ohms which is way too high I think. Does anyone know where I might be able to get a stator in the UK or somewhere that will post in the US? Also what else should I check, dont want to fit the stator and find there's something else wrong. Thanks.
  15. Thanks very much, I'll check the splines and get one of those. Ben