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    Hi, guys - Thanks in advance for the help and any advice. Here's the scoop. I'm involved with a 12 year old kid that is really talented and we're looking to take him to the next level. I personally think that he's got what it takes to make it to Loretta's and do very well there. Our plan is to finish the season locally, keep him riding at at least one MX camp over the winter, and hit the qualifiers as soon as they open for the '12 season. That all being said, we've currently got him running on an '09 RM85 that is totally stock. We've got him running in the Open Mini and Mini Combined classes locally, and he's going up against guys with 100's in the Open Mini class. We're looking to eek as much more HP out of the bike, without jeopardizing the "stock" status of his bike (don't have the cake to totally mod out the bike). I'm thinking that a Pro Circuit pipe/silencer and jetting ought to be the place we start, but I'm looking for advice from the group on that front. I'm currently thinking of the PC Platinum pipe and R304 Silencer. What do you guys think? Good combo? Is there better? If any one has done this - did you follow the PC jetting recommendations? Did they work well for you? Any other advice is welcomed as well! Thanks again!