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    what ratio do you run on your bike?

    I couldn't have said it better myself. Bottom line... Less oil in the gas means a richer burn... More oil equals a leaner burn... It has been my experience over many years of 2 stroking that given stock jetting, it's good to follow the advise of the manufacturer, usually 32:1. If you're running stock jetting and the manufacturer calls for 32:1 and you're running 50:1 or 60:1, give 32:1 a try. You'll have crisper throttle response and better and more power throughout the RPM range.
  2. Malibuatsunset

    what ratio do you run on your bike?

    I the bike calls for 32:1 you would do well to head the advise. Running 50:1 is actually way too rich... Yes I said way too rich. 32:1 runs leaner and gives a better lubrication improving throttle response and engine life. Here's why... the ratio is of oil and gas as it relates to air flow into the engine. When you run 32:1 you are running 32 parts gas with the incoming air flow, at 50:1 you are running 50 parts gas to the same air flow. As fuel relates to air in the burn 50 parts is much richer (relative to the air flow) than 32 parts and would require jetting changes in order to work properly... So contrary to popular belief, more oil means a leaner burn and better performance, given the jetting is stock...
  3. Malibuatsunset

    661 Core Cooler Do they still make them?

    Just spoke with the production house here in LA and they have a few hundred Inner Cooler units available... $45.00 each, Blue, Red and Black... I can hook anyone up with them if you email me at malibuatsunset@yahoo.com
  4. Malibuatsunset

    661 Core Cooler Do they still make them?

    The 661 Core Cooler was made by the same company who makes the Inner Cooler. Issues with overseas production was the reason for the 661 deal going south. That said there are a few units left at inner-cooler.com but they have the same issue of leaking gel when you first use them. That said the NEW Inner Cooler Performance Wrap should be out in a week or two at www.inner-cooler.net. The new units are lighter, fit under a brace, have no gel leakage and are all around bad ass... Huge improvement over a product which worked well anyway...