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    Rekluse clutch problem

    Thanks Captain, I´ll try that. Give me some time. But why was the free play suddenly changed?
  2. Hi everyone, I need urgend help, Im db-beginner, 35 years street bike experience though, bought a ´04 YZ450 last year, realized it was too much, tradet it to a ´04 WR250F, more appropreate, it came with Rekluse-clutch, no clutch but rear brake on left handlebar instead, which I find is a good thing, but since I put a new TwinAir-filter in the bike, the rear wheel keeps turning when the throttle is fully closed, so engine stalls when bike stopped. I tried changing idle RPM, opened clutch, nothing seems to be wrong there. Has it anything to do with air-filter or just coinsidence? What else can I do? Thanks for any good hint!