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  1. Dillon71

    Riding in sand dunes......

    I learned about the mud flap the first trip i took it out there. shattered within the first 5 minutes of riding. I leave thursday for the dunes so i will put your guyss advice to use and hope it works. thank you everybody for the input.
  2. Dillon71

    Riding in sand dunes......

    well ive ridden the dunes all my life so I know how to read them. I have just never ridden a bike out there before
  3. Dillon71

    Riding in sand dunes......

    thank you for the advice! im going to glamis. When riding through a bowl do you want to keep your weight on the upside peg and lean up like going through a turn or do you want to stay centered on a bike.
  4. Dune season is coming up quickly and I for one could use some help. I Have only had a bike at the dunes once and didnt ride it much. This season I plan on riding it alot more. Does anyone have any tips, tricks or techinques on how to ride in the dunes? for example aproaching a dune, crossing over a dune, turning in the sand? I could really use all the help I can get. Thank you all for your future input. By the way I ride a 2007 KX450f.